Monday, October 24, 2016

Remembering the children

The Gen Rang orphanage in Qui Nhon, Vietnam was one of the places that brought me joy while serving a year and a half over there. Mostly these children were products of relationships between GI's and vietnamese girls and like the picture above some even had blonde hair and were considered outcasts. After being in country 13 months I went home for 30 days and while there I received donations of clothes that I carried back with me. On the day I was to take the clothes I was amazed that my commanding officer and some of his other officers went with me to see the children.  All this happened in 1969 which seems so long ago but not forgotten. 


  1. Interesting post, Odie. I'm sure the children were so grateful for the donated clothes. Memories like that will never fade, my friend.

  2. Hello Odie, I was station in Qui Nhon in 1967-68 with the 13th Finance Section. Our unit worked wth the Long Khanh Pagota Orphanage making the lives better for 60 orphans as best we could. On my off day I and other members of the unit did repair work on the well pump. The one washer that would only wash, you had to add water. I had my dad tract down a water pump for a 1940's model ringer type machine. We also painted and performed innumerous repair jobs to improve the lot of the children in the unit sponsore.d orphanage. I am 71 years old but still remember the children.
    James Brewer