Tuesday, July 24, 2012

To blog or not blog that is the question

  It will soon  be 5 months since I retired thinking I would have lots more time to blog with 592 posts out there already.  However, I am faced with the old saying, my well is drying up. There has been literally no motivation for a while now to post a blog.  

   Don't get me wrong because I still love to visit blogs, it's just that my blog is seeing an end much sooner than I had previously imagined. I won't say that you will never see another post from me but I have to be realistic and understand that my time for a break has come.  

  I communicate with a lot of you my email and/or facebook and will continue to do so.  If you do not have my address and would like to touch me with an email it is odie_langley@yahoo.com.

  Needless to say there have been some really happy times here and I have shared many pictures and videos that can still be seen at any time. Take care and know I will be viewing your posts as often as I can.

Until later...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our "Melynda"

More Nonsense

  Friends we have the unique opportunity to help a precious friend, Melynda Fleury over at Crazy World.  She already has her first two books out pictured above and soon will have her third book, "True Nonsense" coming out followed in December by "Pure Nonsense".

 She needs our help getting the word out so that many people can have the fun of reading her precious books and at the same time helping her with funds to pay the towering medical bills that keep adding up.

 Go to her blog and she lists there a number of sites that you can go to and leave a short review that will hopefully convince folks to grab her books, be blessed and help her at the same time.

 If you are reading this and do not know Melynda I promise you that if you pay her a visit you will fall in love with her like we all have. I honestly don't want to think about a week without Melynda in it. 

 Thank you so very much for whatever you can do.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Andy Griffith Remembered

Mayberry Vacation

Welcome to Mt. Airy, NC. Birthplace of Andy Griffith and final resting place of Eng & Chang Bunker, the famous Siamese Twins from the 1800's.

Couldn't have been a prettier weekend to be in Mt. Airy with temperatures in the 80's and beautiful skys. The bikers were surely out in force this weekend.

Otis was there welcoming visitors as he always does and telling jokes trying to keep everyone happy.

Andy's famous car was parked on Main St. waiting to give folks a ride around the town and they have more that one to take care of tourist's needs.

Floyd's Barber Shop was buzzing with activity and still gives haircuts for $8.

Aunt Bea's Restaurant was a real treat. Linda & I ate there and both had country style steak & gravy, mashed potatoes, slaw, hush puppies & tea for less that $13 total. Amazing and it was soooooooooo good.
Goober's 52 was another great place to eat with awesome food and great service and their stretch limo was on display.

You might find this hard to believe but as you can see from the picture we actually bought Rocky a stroller at Froo Froo's pet store in town. We had forgot his harness and while in there saw the strollers and realized how heavy he can get when we have to keep him under control in crowds. It turned out to be a real blessing and he was the star of the show wherever we went.
One of the pictures above is of 13 Bones. We didn't eat there but oddly enough it has a meaning. Found out that if you order a rack of ribs it isn't really a real rack unless there are 13 bones.

Rest in Peace Andy

Wordless Wednesday-Control the laughter please