Sunday, November 27, 2011

Odie's childhood pets

Being the only boy in the family I spent a lot of my time in the woods exploring, thinking, being away from my sisters but mostly being with my constant companion Poochie. She was with me for 13 years and we both loved the woods and nature in general. She was with me year in and year out so when she finally passed quietly and unexpectedly one night it was heartbreaking. I had many dogs after that but they were never as special as Poochie. This is the only picture I have of her and will treasure it always.

One year dad really made me happy when he bought a couple of young goats. I named them Lilly & Billy and we kept them in the fenced in area of woods behind our house. I still remember going down to the fence and calling their name and you could hear them running through the woods to get to me. That started my love for goats and it is still strong today. They are such loving animals and as well vulnerable to dogs and other predators. I would have some today but it would require a huge expense to keep them protected so instead I will make trips to the Celebrity Dairy in Siler City and love on theirs. When you see a pen of goats think of Odie.

Looking Back

Dad had just come home from the store with receipts in hand. One of the few pictures I have of mom & dad together, Martha & Odie (Sr.)

Mom loved to take pictures of us all dressed up. Someone took one of her with me and my sisters Linda & Marie.

The younger years for my mom. Here is her sister Erlene on the left and mom on the right.

Must have been a high school picture of me.

When I was very young.

My sister Marie and I

Mom when she was active and on the go.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

If anyone had any doubts

Now is that a picture of togetherness or what? Sharing Linda was really a mile marker for this pair.

Turns out Soffie is well trained to let us know when she has to go outside even when it's cold and quickly do her business and then scratch on the door when she's done.

Have a blessed weekend everyone and stay warm, it is 32 degrees (F) in NC. But then we are unique, by this afternoon we will have to have the AC on.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Rocky and his girl friend Soffie (new & old).

Rocky said you aint having this photo shoot without me.

Soffie did no well at the groomers

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Soffie made it inside

For all of you that were hoping that Soffie would end up in the house with Rocky this is your day. While she is inside she is content to just lay on the floor near one of us but a little while a go Linda's daughter Beth asked her to get on the couch with her and that's all it took.

Earlier today we were preparing to leave for her brother's place and when she opened the car door Soffie immediately jumped into the passenger seat, curled up and put her head down ready for a ride. We didn't take her but she sure must have taken trips before in a vehicle.

I will be taking her to Pet Smart tomorrow morning for her grooming session so more later....

Thanksgiving at the lake

The lake is beautiful as always. If you notice a couple of lines of disturbance across the water towards the structure on the right it is a couple of small ducks trying to get some distance from me.

Her brother Junior has started collecting a supply of firewood for the colder nights.

Freshly painted and well taken care of.

Meet "RED" Linda's niece's dog that joined the party.

The always sweet miss Haley Brook.

Damian & Dillon with Linda's mom resting behind them.

The spoiled rotten resident of this house, Elvis.

Junior & Dillon, in another life maybe? LOL

The famous Elvis

And yes, Junior has his Christmas tree up already.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update on Soffie

The wheels are turning toward getting Soffie settled. Today she will get her rabies shot and a dogloo is being delivered today and hopefully it will fit nicely on the back porch.

Friday, courtesy of Linda's mother behind us Soffie will get a ride over to Pet Smart and get the pampered treatment with a wash, ear check and trim. So things are looking up for this happy little girl.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Good Morning Everyone,
Thought I might need just a little clarification about "Soffie's" status. We are trying our best to care for her but she will not be an inside dog. Rocky will always be the only inside pet but so far he interacts well with Soffie when outside.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hey Shady look who showed up

It's a girl. She showed up Friday and is very loving but also malnourished. Linda plans to cut some of the too long matted hair off of her soon. Although she is about 3 times the size of Rocky they seem to get along fairly well when Rocky is outside. She has been gobbling up left overs and hopefully she will start filling out where you now feel bones. Time will tell but between us and Linda's mother behind us she will get some attention that she has been lacking for quite some time. No name yet.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Bouncin Barb

Aint she purty? And it's birthday time for the internationally famous Bouncin Barb of Myrtle Beach, SC. I was blessed to get to know Barb over the last almost 2 years of blogging and have laughed with her, been sad with her but mostly I have enjoyed just getting to know her.

The last twelve months had it's bumps in the road for sweet Barb as we all felt helpless to take her pains away both physically and emotionally. However, praise God, that is behind her and better days are ahead. She is on a new road now just having visited her son and granddaughters which she needed more than anything. She also came away with a new (to her) ride and can now get on with the rest of her life not looking back but loving life and making the best of it she can. I can't wait to read about her new adventures.

So Barb, know you are loved by many in all corners of this place we call Earth. Thanks for being our friend and allowing us to share in your journey.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On the way home

Drawbridge near Elizabeth City, NC eastbound in the raised position.

Stopped to give Rocky an opportunity to relieve himself

A very nice horse shoe playing area at the park.