Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beach Pictures

Linda & our waitress Alex from the Ukraine.

Rocky's favorite spot.

Downstairs bedrooms

Our view of gthe ocean over the dunes.


  1. Looks like a quiet relaxing place!

    did Linda lighten her hair? I love it, she looks beautiful as usual!

  2. That's a good ocean view, Odie. I'm also glad to see your wife and your charming waitress. I'm sure she knows by now how much you appreciated her courteous service. Rocky's always my favorite (with Polly running a close second) and I thank you for posting a picture of him!

  3. Wow, what a view! I'm so glad to see that you are enjoying your break and having such a nice time! I love the beachy touches all throughout the place. What a great spot.

    Take care and keep relaxing!

    Best wishes to you both,

  4. Looks like a super place to stay for a break my friend, and what a lovely view of the ocean you have! I noticed Linda's different hair colour as well! I loved the sign that said that "it's 5 o'clock somewhere"!. Hope the winds have died down now. Little Rocky (he is soooooooo cute!) looks now and comfy there. Glad you're having a good time my friend.

  5. What a lovely place to stay, Odie! Is that a stained glass window? Beautiful!

    How interesting that you should have have had a waitress from Ukraine. I've "met" many people from there through my postcards, but never in person. I'm so glad you hit it off so well.

  6. What a cute place to stay. I'm happy you got to rest and enjoy some peace and the ocean.

  7. I love the mirror framed with beach shells, starfish and stones....:)

    Great pictures thank you for sharing..Odie:)

  8. Beautiful view and that stained glass window is divine!
    As for Rocky's favourite spot, I think that would be my fave too - looks mighty comfy :)

  9. Wow Odie...I love the beach so I'd be settled on that porch or strolling the sandy expanse the winter beaches bring!
    Hope you find it soothing and the wind has quieted down.