Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More from the beach

I really didn't realize until I got up real close to this painting in the living room that it was done by Linda's cousin Carol. This is one of many she has done and has even sold some of them.

Exterior view of our vacation accommodations.

For those of you who really needed to see the ocean up close and personal.

This is the access from the street to the beach with vehicle access.

This sign for Kill Devil Hills was on one corner of the intersection and the next sign for Nags Head was on the other corner. The address here is actually Kill Devil Hills.

Out and about view.

This is inside an enclosed shower located in the carport to wash off sand after spending time on the beach. Very nice touch.

Pic nic table for dining outside.

Two stairs, one to take you to the lower level rooms and the other to the upper porch area where we are staying.

Frontal view.

Their boat.


  1. Great pics, Odie! I recognize that area from the many reports on The Weather Channel during hurricane season because it's an evacuation zone that's often hard hit. Thanks for the post, good buddy!

  2. Odie the very first experience our family had with NC beaches was on Kill Devil Hills. We went there during the kids Christmas break and brought one of our nephews with us as well. It was beautiful...and COLD. But what would you expect for December?
    The beach looks fantastic...what a nice respite!

  3. Hi my friend. I love those photos of the ocean and the beach, and the accommodation looks lovely. That is a very good painting that Linda's cousin painted. She obviously has quite a talent there. As you say, that outside shower is such a good idea! Hope you've had a lovely time.

  4. I can see why Carol's paintings sell. Beautiful! What a great beach house! I see Kill Devil Hills is the birthplace of Aviation. I'll have to look that up online. Strange names for towns, but we have a few up here too. The ocean looks lovely - Thanks for sharing. Hugs to you and Linda.

  5. I really enjoyed these pictures, Odie. They show the general area and the types of houses beautifully. I must say, that sea looked rather moody, not exactly enticing one to swim. My son holds a private pilot's licence. I wonder if he knows where the birthplace of aviation is. I'll have to test him, now that I know, thanks to you! Carol's painting is lovely!

  6. I needed to see that ocean!!!! And that porch/deck, wonderful!!!

    Love it!!

  7. All these photos are almost as good as having a holiday myself. Very refreshing and relaxing. :)

  8. Catching up on all my friends today! It looks like you have a fantastic spot for a vacation! I'm a little jealous, it's cold and rainy here today and I'd LOVE to be at the beach! I hope you're enjoying your time off!

  9. Your photos make that place look amazing! I hope you had a wonderful time!

  10. A lovely, lovely place! And what a talented artist-

  11. Great photos my friend, Thank you for taking us out and about with you xo

  12. Odie, we need to switch vacations. This year I ended up where you wanted to go in the mountains, and you ended up where I wanted to go...Nag's Head is my favorite place on earth. When hiking the dunes at Jockey's Ridge I feel God all around me.