Monday, November 28, 2011

Inspirational story of Garvan Byrne


  1. Extremely moving, Odie. Garvan had intelligence, wisdom, personality, poise and grace far beyond his years. Had he lived he surely would have become an outstanding citizen of the world, the very kind of man the world needs and can't afford to lose. Our loss is heaven's gain.

  2. So very touching. Thank you for sharing~

  3. I love what Shady wrote, "Our loss is heaven's gain" Beautiful, just beautiful.

    Thank you for bringing Garvan to us Odie.
    I loved his love for the Holy Eucharist, he just knew things, because he was a living saint.

  4. This was so moving and meaningful to me, Odie. Thank you for posting it. Garvan has a special soul that will now live forever. What a glorious day it will be when we are all together in heaven with those we love and Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. No pain, no death and "God will wipe away all tears." I long for that day.

  5. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this, Odie. I could not tear myself away as this little boy spoke. He had such a calm, peaceful and joyful faith. What an uplifting video. I will show it to my kids and husband tomorrow.

  6. What a mature and wise young soul he was. I can't quite believe he was the same age as my son is now when he recorded this.

    This was indeed inspirational-thank you for posting this for us all to see.

    Best wishes,

  7. so heartwarming and it moves me..thank you for sharing..Odie:)

  8. There are no words to describe Garvan Byrne but one tries. Byrne was far beyond his years in all ways, especially his understanding of life and of life after death. Our present world misses his presence and, most of all, what he would have given to this reality we share in together. As I viewed Byrne I felt his loving nature, his soul, reaching out and touching everyone even in his finality on earth. Most assuredly, Byrne is in God’s kingdom where there’s no suffering only joy. Thank you for sharing Garvan Byrne’s video so everyone may experience his compassion and insight.

    Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, Author 2011-2012
    “On Wings of Love”
    The Mommy’s Writings Series
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