Sunday, November 27, 2011

Looking Back

Dad had just come home from the store with receipts in hand. One of the few pictures I have of mom & dad together, Martha & Odie (Sr.)

Mom loved to take pictures of us all dressed up. Someone took one of her with me and my sisters Linda & Marie.

The younger years for my mom. Here is her sister Erlene on the left and mom on the right.

Must have been a high school picture of me.

When I was very young.

My sister Marie and I

Mom when she was active and on the go.


  1. I really enjoy seeing pictures of my blogging friends families, both present and past and this has been such a treat, Odie. Thank you very much for sharing this selection with us today. I particularly liked seeing the one of you, your Mum and two sisters so smartly turned out. And your school photograph is very nice. I hated all of mine and tore them up years ago. Little Odie was so cute, as were Marie and Linda. I think you bear quite a strong resemblance to your Dad, but I am sure others will say, no, to your Mum. We all get that, don't we :)
    I hope you, Linda, Rocky and little Soffie have been having a lovely weekend together!

  2. Hey, Odie! In a couple of these pictures you look a lot like me when I was a boy. I'm glad you saved these old family photos and I enjoyed looking at them. Like Desiree I hope that you and Linda and Rocky and Soffie are having a wonderful weekend and that all of your bellies are full of turkey.

  3. What absolute treasures these pictures are, Odie. Thank you for sharing-

  4. I too love looking at old photos. My Aunt gave me some several years ago and i have some of them on my wall going upstairs. There is one photo i'd love to have, but i no not where it is - my Granddad is in a photo with Queen Elizabeth when she was younger.

  5. Oh, Odie, what a fun post and what a fun thing to do on a holiday weekend--stroll down memory lane...

    thanks for sharing these with us!

    *you haven't changed a bit!

  6. I love looking at old photos, Odie, especially the black and white ones, and these are just so sweet! What a cute little boy you were, and I loved your high schoool photo. It's so good that we still have these old photos to look back on from time to time. Thank you for sharing them with us my friend. Hugs.

  7. I loved seeing these old photo, Odie. The one of the three children with your mom reminds me of me, my older sister and brother. We wore the same clothes and had the same haircuts. What a cutie you were and good-looking in high school too! Your mom looks great in that swimsuit. I wish swimming suits looked the same now. They were modest and feminine back then and I think that was nice.

  8. I love the old photos...thanks for sharing!!

  9. Ooh I love the old photos! Thank you for sharing them!

  10. Nothing is better than perusing old photographs and remembering the memories they encompass! What a delightful life you lived dear Odie. So well loved...