Friday, June 18, 2010

Four Months To Wait

I haven't been counting the days but I suddenly realized that I now have only 4 months until my bride and I board the Carnival Glory for our third cruise. If you have never been on a cruise you really can't understand how exciting it is to approach the departure time. So far we have been on all Carnival cruises. First it was the Celebration that visited Key West and Nausau. Key West is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen and will forever have the picture in my memory of looking down from the deck at the adorable town with roosters and chickens walking around doing their own thing. Nausau was not as memorable but we did have a good time touring the Atlantis Resort.
The next ship was the Holiday which is one of Carnival's older ships and interestingly enough was used off the Gulf coast for temporary housing after so many were left homeless after a hurricane. The ship was then rebuilt inside and took us to Mexico which was awesome.
All that was fine but the real joy of cruising is the "time on the ship". The crew always manages to exceed our expectations and have us thinking about the next cruise even before we finish the one we are on. As soon as I get on board thoughts of anything on the mainland leave me and a sense of peace comes over me. I get to our cabin which always has a window so we can see out. One of my joys is to place into the electronic safe all the "stuff" I carry around like keys, wallet, cell phone, etc.
Exploring the ship is always an adventure and of course snapping pictures everywhere for our photo albums that somehow never seem to be opened after we put the pictures in them. There is always a couple of days at sea so there is plenty of time to just sit and enjoy peace to read or simply do nothing. The food is always wonderful and is available in some form 24/7. Meeting interesting people is another great thing about cruises. I simply can't wait but must until October.


  1. Where are you cruising to this time? My husband and I love to cruise, so peaceful, so beautiful and so pampered with the added benefit of visiting far off lands..

  2. We are cruising out of Norfolk, VA and heading to Nausau and Freeport but would just as soon be on a cruise to "nowhere". I really prefer the on board experience and enjoy the freedom to move about more easily when others are off the ship at port.