Friday, August 20, 2010

Just what we needed

For all of you that do not know about Lock N Lock storage containers they are a blessing in our home. They have a huge selection of different sizes to fit every need you could have and there are advantages that make them unique.
When you pick one up you instantly feel the durability knowing it will last you a long time. They nest inside their own size taking up less room, the lids snap shut on all 4 side and have a seal that closed down on the edge of the container so nothing can ever spill out even if dropped on the floor.
They have definately made life easier at our home and so far all that I have purchased has come from QVC while watching "In the kitchen with David" on Sunday afternoons. I don't usually advertise about retail merchandise but this is worth spreading the news about. Hope you'll give it a try.


  1. I've seen these in Walmart and wanted to pick some up. My friend has some of the smaller ones and they looked really awesome!

  2. thanks for the info. next time i need storages boxes, will lookout for this type.

  3. These sound like a good buy. Thanks for stopping in - hope to be posting more this week.