Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Hero is an Idiot

   I have this friend,Aunt Becky, who writes the most unique blogs about her life and situations. She has this special talent for using words to paint a picture that will grab you every time. You should pop over to get a taste for what I have been enjoying for some time now.

   Aunt Becky just shared about a TV series that meant a lot to her and caused me to think about some of my experiences that have had an impact on my life as well. My 3 girls can attest to having to video tape episodes of certain TV shows so I could watch them over and over again.

   I'll save my topic for today's discussion for last. One of the first characters that caught my attention was this guy.

   Who does'n like MacGyver?  He had the most inventive ways of getting out of dangerous situations.  I guess what impressed me the most about him was that he was kind of an ordinary guy but could really use his incredible mind. My next special character is also no stranger to most folks.

   Capt. Picard of Star Trek (The Next Gereration) is a character of strength and leadership.  I was a "Trek" fan from the days of Capt. Kirk and Capt. Picard brought me "light years" from the cartoon type show to today's fantastic episodes that look far more realistic. 

   Now on to today's subject of interest. I guess if there is one TV show that has captured my undivided interest over the years it would have to be "JAG" starring of course,

   What is there not to like about Commander Rabb who is dashing in his dress whites, is a great lawyer, can fly an F-14 and is in love with,

   Maj. Sarah McKinzie and no I just couldn't select the picture of her in uniform. I like this one much better. OK, since I have been retired I found out that on one of my Direct TV channels there are "2" episodes of JAG on every morning and my DVR allowed me with "1" click to record the whole series. How great is that? Rabb & Sarah have always had this love affair that never comes to actually saying it which has always been a little irritating but you keep hoping and of course the writers want you to keep thinking that way and continue to watch.

  OK, this CIA agent Clayton Webb, who has always had a thing for Sarah, convinces her to accompany him on a mission to Paraguay as his pregnant wife. This terrifies Harm (Rabb) but he is powerless to stop her. He later finds out she is missing and asks the Admiral to let him go find her. He refuses so Harm resigns his commission & goes after her as a civilian giving up his career. To fast forward, he finds her, runs in guns blazing and rescues her. Later we find them in a motel room, in bed, his chance to finally let her know how he has always felt and all he can say is stupid, irritating statements. The words "I love you" will not come out of his mouth.

   I still love the show and will continue to watch it but Harm let me down on that episode. Aunt Becky, she what you caused me to write. It had to be said my friend.


  1. I have a couple of TV series that I have literally watched every episode of multiple times, but they are old (like I Love Lucy). I enjoy how they give us little vacations away from reality.

  2. The only one of those programs I watched was JAG, but only for the first season or two. Didn't NCIS spin off from that series? I agree that it gets irritating watching a male and female character flirting with each other season after season and never acting on their impulses. There's an unwritten law in series television that the tension between the two can never be broken because it is feared that viewers will somehow lose interest after the hero and heroine get married or "get a room." As you pointed out, even when they are allowed to get that far something always happens to break the spell such as clumsy dialogue or somebody interrupting their blissful moment. I think writers are getting it wrong when they do that.

  3. My most all-time favorite show was called "Doc"...it was such a great show...but i guess it was too clean...after 5 years it was cancelled!

  4. While I like these heroes, mine is Gibbs on NCIS. I also like the Gary Sinese of CSI new york. Very good man to be playing a hero because of the type of person he is in real life. I like watching the flirting of men and women but once they get serious, i don't care much for the show it seems. Not sure why that is. I liked Jag.

  5. I love MacGyver! :0) Once someone said I was like him--best compliment ever LOL!

  6. I've watched all of these shows. It's been awhile though. McGyver was my hero for a long time. I think I may have had a kid crush on him, AND Harrison Ford.

  7. Ooooh - i just LOVE Captain Jack from Torchwood - always did like the unattainable.

  8. Sorry I'm late, Odie. I loved watching Jag. He is gorgeous and she is beautiful and the stories are good. Captain Picard is also one of my favorite characters on TV. He has courage, intelligence, kindess and honor. Love him. Never watched Macgyver, but I saw a Mythbusters show about him and enjoyed that.

  9. I loved Jean-Luc Picard but the others I don't know, unfortunately. I'll have to look them up.