Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Dreaded "A" Word - I dare you to read it all

   This was a tough blog to put together mainly because I have had images in my mind of disturbing accounts regarding "abortions". Along the way in this blog you will be seeing links that I hope you will open because it not only gives you the information I will prompt but on the page you open it allows you to go deeper with additional links so stay with me and give this the time it deserves please.

  One eye opening page I visited talked about 19 facts about abortion that should make you sick and can be seen by going here.

  Now on to specifics and answers to questions such as: Statistics, Who has abortions, 3 reasons abortions are performed, when abortions occur, how abortions are performed, who is performing abortions, abortion fatality, medical abortion, cost of abortion, abortion and constraception, abortion and minors and finally abortion and public funds. Please go here.

  Abortions can be dangerous and should not be done without knowing all the facts. Knowledge is powerful and can be seen here.

  Along my journey today I discovered that truly sick stuff is happening in this country and we are allowing it to continue. In Illinois I learned that it is illegal help an aborted baby that is still alive. Live babies have been placed in trash to die and I read one account where a nurse heard a sound kind of like a cat mewing and found an infant still alive. She cradled it in her arms and rocked it until it passed and was severely reprimanded for doing this. This isn't the kind of blog that people love to read but the babies are crying out from wherever they were discarded and needing a voice.

  Now my friends for the good stuff and yes there is good stuff in this blog that we can rejoice about. There has been occasions when a baby was aborted and lived. Go here to read about a miracle baby.


  1. This is an issue that hurts my heart deeply, Odie. Thank you for putting this together~

  2. Yay Odie, great post today!! Yes, the world needs to know. I truly think when people say they are "pro-choice" that they just don't really know the facts. How could they, and still think it's the woman's "choice"?

    I also know that abortion clinics use ultra sound machines just in case there are twins, so they can charge double.

    I think you might like Noreen's blog, she posts lots of informative info quite often:

    God bless you Odie, pray, pray, pray.....change one heart at a time....

  3. Odie you and I agree here once again. I can't stand it. Here I am wishing I could have more chldren when so many are tossed aside like rubbish. It's heart breaking and sickening to think of how many of our children have been murdered. Yes I do consider it murder. It these babies were outside of the womb, people would be horrified if we dismembered them and crushed their skulls yet in womb, even late term after they could have been born and lived, it is ok to do this and gas them. Oh I need to stop! This is your blog but my pet peeve. God will not have mercy on this nation if we don't change and soon.

  4. Odie, I'm sorry I'm late. You didn't show up on my list. It astounds me that babies who could live are aborted. I can't go to those sites and read about it though. It would make me depressed for days. We do live in such a sad world. It seems that when something becomes legal then humans take it way too far.