Friday, August 10, 2012

Too Good Not To Blog About

  Believe it or not, I'm back!!!  Ran into some good stuff this week and shared it on facebook but had to make sure all my friends had the benefit of knowing as well

  Let's start with readers.  If you happen to own a Kindle like I do there is a web site where you can go and select books from every category I know of, click on the book and it will take you to Amazon and the price for the download to your Kindle is ($.00). That's right free. Just go to this address and have fun like I did ordering 4 book that were into my Kindle in less than 2 minutes. 

  OK, on to the next neat site. I have done videos in the past and I would take them on my camera and take an hour or more uploading them which was a pain. All you have to do is go to this web site and you can if you have a web cam with a mic do an instant video with sound and sent it an email address for free. OK, it is only for 14 days free and then you have to spend some money but at least I had some fun and hope you will too.

  There was a couple more that I have not tried but you may want to when you get a chance.  Go here to send free faxes over your computer.  And you can go here to share albums of pictures easily.

  I am still doing great and will be starting a new part time job on Monday.  I'll be working for a company that does retail assignments for Walgreen Drug Stores in 3 local cities. So I will be getting out of the house and that will feel good but I am sure it will not make Rocky and Soffie happy at all. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Awesome news indeed, glad you're back! Good luck with the job on Monday, thank you for the kind words and have an AWESOME weekend Odie!

  2. I'm sure you have Rocky and Soffie spoiled with attention by now, Odie, and they'll probably experience some separation anxiety while you're away. Thanks for the updates on all these innovations around the web. Have a nice weekend, good buddy!

  3. Great to have you back! And I just went crazy on the free Kindle books site- amazing!

  4. Hi there Odie, dear friend. How lovely it was to see a post from you today, and some good tips for us there. I have already ordered quite a few free books now on my Kindle, via
    Sometimes you get some really good ones for as little as 99p as well, so it's all good!
    I am so happy that you have found yourself this part time job. I am sure that you will enjoy getting out and about again. You are much too young at heart to be fully retired, and I hope that you get on well when you start on Monday. Will be thinking of you! At least Rocky and Soffie have each other for company whilst you're away from them, and you've got the other days to spoil them!

  5. What a GREAT website for free books - thank you!!!