Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 23rd and eight months since my last post. This has been on my mind for a while now and with some encouragement from a couple of friends who have also restarted their blogs I decided to test the waters so to speak and see how it feels.

A lot has happened since my last post so this one is intended to kind of bring the events up to date. The first of July in 2013 I had a heart attack which was the first major health event in my then 66 years.  I really didn't know what was happening since it was all new to me. Extreme sweats and nausea were the major symptoms and I did not relate that to a heart condition so I waited to see if it would get better. The next day I had the same symptoms with the addition of some heaviness in my chest which prompted Linda and I to seek medical attention. 

This is where I must promote the greatness of a hospital system. Vidant Hospitals, no mater which one of their facilities you enter will change your opinion of how hospitals operate.  Instead of waiting in a waiting room for what seems like forever, they take you immediately and begin awesome care. Their level of care is unlike any I ever encountered. They actually care and everything they do is done with the most professional touch I had ever received. One thing I tell people is that just walking through their door into the hospital makes me feel better just knowing where I am.

They did determine I had some blockages but there was no significant damage done after running a lot of different tests during the week I was there. I was released and given Plavix to thin the blood and another medicine to help get my cholesterol to a better level. The only sad part is that while the recovery process took place I lost weight down to where I liked only to gain every bit of it back. I have proven in the past that I can drop weight easily with my strong will but eventually it always come back.

I did want to post a picture of the awesome medical center in Greenville, NC where I got such good care so here it is.

There may be people that see this post and think of our treasured pets Rocky and Soffie. They are doing well and here is a recent picture of both of them.

Rocky is where he stays a lot when I am home especially if I am on the computer. He likes to be in a chair so he can be next to me.

Soffie did get sick last year and lost down to almost the skin and bones she was when she arrived here homeless. She eats very well and has gained most of her weight back, however, she cannot jump and run like she used to and is weak in her hind legs.  So, instead of laying on the couch we make a place for her to rest and sleep on the floor and she seems quite happy with it.


  1. Hi, Odie! I was sorry to learn of your heart attack last year but glad that you received a very high level of care at that medical facility. I hope you are in the clear now and can put the episode out of your mind. It's great to see Rocky and Soffie again after all this time. I think about them often. As you might have found out, my dog Toto died last summer at the age of 14 and I miss her every day.

  2. It's so good to see you back here! I'm so thankful you are recovered from your heart attack. That is nothing to mess around with. And it's always a delight to see those beautiful little dogs. So glad Soffie is better, too!

  3. Sorry to learn of your heart scare. It's good to hear of your recovery, though.
    The dogs look as though they are enjoying life in retirement. :) Have an excellent week!

  4. Nice to see you back Odie.
    Not nice about your health, but glad you are better now. It is scary when it happens tho!.
    Only big news I have is that my daughter is getting married in May 2016.
    Having fun planning things. But she says I am not getting a wand embellished with flowers to carry - I have to get boring pin on to my outfit flowered!!!!

  5. Odie!!! I didn't know you were blogging again!!! I'm thankful you are doing OK, heart attack? That is so you!!

    Welcome back!!