Friday, May 28, 2010

Maggie Valley

Friday evening and we are back in the mountains after a 6 hour drive from the flatlands. Just seeing familiar places has already made this day special. Brings back memories of a time back in 2004 when we were here for the first time and our wedding at Caroline's Wedding Chapel. We passed Joey's Pancake House who has awesome pancakes and the best coffee. Then there was Carolina Nights where you can get a great meal while watching a fantastic show. We plan to take it in tomorrow evening. Stopped by one of the many roadside stores and picked up some of the juiciest peaches I have ever tasted. Oddly enough it has been a rainy day but it has not dampened our spirits. That's how this wonderful part of our state affects me and I will try to make memories that will last me a long time. Rocky, our puppy, made the 6 hour journey very well and seems to be happy as long as we art all together which is simple unconditional love. Dogs can surely teach us things if we'll pay attention.

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