Monday, May 24, 2010

Thinking Back

In tune with the idea of the simple life I think back to my childhood and the days I spent totally enjoying my alone time. Those were the days before any of the modern conveniences children of today think they would die without. I grew up in a rural environment and at that time there were many more wooded areas than we have today. Wooded areas are disappearing rapidly in NC and it is sad to see the baren areas which is also decreasing the habitat for many of our local wildlife. I was the only son in a family with 2 younger sisters so needless to say I tried to keep myself occupied away from them as much as possible. I had a small terrier and we were constant companions and I loved nothing more than to explore the woods finding streams alive with crawfish, turtles and tadpoles. There was always wildlife to watch and be amazed by and vegetation like ferns that I have always loved. I didn't have to worry about drugs, if anyone said the word I would only think of aspirin or something like that. There were no gangs or other dominating bad environments to corrupt our minds. I can only think of how awesome it was to discover new sights feel the freedom from hurry and confusion. On one of my adventures I found an abandoned school bus. It was only the shell sitting on the ground without the front or cab section or floor. It had a lot of growth blocking the entrance that I managed to clear away with my trusty hickory stick I always had with me. I found that inside it was relatively clean and found a 5 gallon bucket that when turned upside down made a comfortable seat to just sit there and think about anything. Later I would return and found it especially handy to sit there on rainy days where I could be dry and listen to the soothing sound of rain drops on the roof. How I miss those days and wish todays youth could experience the same rewarding times I was lucky to have.

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