Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I was introduced to the game, Mancala, a few years ago and have since then purchased or made from wood a number of them to give away to friends and family.
It is a game that keeps your mind keen as you plan future moves. You start with six pieces in each of 12 holes and each player has 6 on their side. You begin by removing all the pieces from one hole and distribute one piece to each hole as you proceed to the right also placing one in your scoring bin, which is the large bin always to your right and continue on the other side if there are any pieces left but never putting any into your opponents scoring bin. If the last piece you drop is into your scoring bin you get another turn which is why you calculate your moves.
The game is over when all the pieces are emptied from the 6 holes on one side. The winner is the one with the most pieces in their scoring bin. The more you play the more fun you have.
The first player gets the momentum going if he/she picks up the 6 in his first hole on the left meaning the last piece will always end up in the scoring bin meaning he/she has a second move to distribute more off his/her side.
Try it, I guarantee you will love it.


  1. We have loved Mancala for years....might have to get a game going today on the porch!

  2. Sort of a mix of Backgammon and chinese checkers!!!

  3. I've actually played Mancala a couple times at friends' houses - I forgot how easy and fun it was! I bet the boys are old enough to play it!

  4. i remember playing this when i was young. it used to be our national game but the government changed the national game into something else. we call it sungka.

  5. Odie! I just bought this game a couple weeks ago..........thanks for explaining how to play it! :O)

  6. My classroom kids love this game! It's a classic.