Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paula Deen

I have shared that I have a passion for cooking and have really enjoyed being able to view the Food Network for years now.

A few years ago my wife and I decided that we like Paula Deen so much that we should take our vacation in Savannah, GA and eat at her restaurant. I might add that this was prior to owning a navigation system so it was a little intimidating getting around in Savannah.

The drill for eating at The Lady & Sons Restaurant is to get there early, about 9:30, to get in line and believe me the line gets quite long. I did get an opportunity to meet and have a picture taken with Bobby outside the front door which was awesome but didn't see anymore of the family while there. The restaurant has 3 floors and it stays full 7 days a week.

We got seated and they bring you their signature items, cheese biscuit and hoe cake. The buffet was awesome and the service was great. Everyone should try it at least once. We left there feeling like would need no supper after all the fried chicken and vegetable we consumed.

Later we ventured into the country and stopped at Uncle Bubba's Seafood Restaurant which is much easier to access and has a parking lot vs the parking deck we had to use for Paula's place. If we get an opportunity to return I would like to try his restaurant.

Continuing on our journey towards the coast we ended up at Tybee Island. It has a beautiful beach but the sand was surely too hot on that late summer day. I understand that Paula has opened a B & B there called Y'al Come Inn with lots of items included to make the stay a very special one.

The one recipe of her's that I enjoy the most would have to be the pumpkin gooey butter cake. The flavors and textures are unbeatable and you can get her recipe on along with other great mouth watering recipes.

After completing our "Paula" time we did get to go out on a boat to watch dolphins and really enjoyed that experience. If you get a chance you need to visit Savannah.

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