Monday, June 7, 2010

Yard Sales

This past saturday Linda and I were in the "yard sale" mode. My daughter Rachel and her mother in law Terri was having their yard sale so made an appearance to help them out and arrived at, can you believe this, shortly after 5 AM. We know from experience that if you want to find special items you have to get an early start. I sure hope they did well as we felt that we did really well by the time we got back to Halifax. I throughly dislike "having" yard sales but enjoy participating in them. To give you an idea of how it can be beneficial lets take inventory. We discovered a "like new" toaster oven for Linda's office for only $5, a pop up kennel for Rocky to use on trips that fits in a neat round case but opens up large enough to accomodate a 70 lb. dog for only $3, a twin basket deep fryer, also like new for only $10, numerous turtles to add to Linda's collection for only $1 each and I save the best for last. I saw a bag that had $15 marked on it and the nice lady indicated it had a camcorder inside and sure enough it was a Sony Handycam with all the accessories. Linda asked her if she would take $10 and she agreed so now I have a camcorder that actually records videos on a DVD for only $10. Awesome and I have already tried it out and it works great. Sometimes it takes a little effort to find the sales but when y0u do it can be rewarding. It's monday so have a great week.

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