Friday, December 31, 2010

A Story Worth Telling

This is a true story and really touched my heart today and I wanted to share it with you. There will not be any names, they aren't important, the message is.

About 5 years ago one of my technicians was on Interstate 95 at exit 145 which is the Gold Rock exit leading you into Rocky Mount, NC. He spotted a gentleman near the exit with his hood raised having car trouble. He felt compelled to offer assistance and discovered quickly that the man's engine has suffered damage and was not repairable where it sat. The man was from Florida and had AAA service and had called for their help. My friend knew that all AAA could do was to transport the vehicle to a location that would perform the repair probably for a large sum of money. He convinced the gentleman that he had a friend with a tow truck and wanted to help him if he would allow it.

Bear in mind this gentleman was not a spiritual person but felt that my friend wanted to genuinely help him so he refused the AAA service and allowed his vehicle to be towed to my friends community where the repairs could be accomplished.

There was a church service going on that evening and an offering was taken up that paid for the repairs which amounted to about $1,200. He was also taken care of at my friends home while his vehicle was being repaired providing him food and rest. The man thanked them and was on his way again.

As I said this was about 5 years ago. This week that gentleman called my friend letting him know that he was flying into this area and wanted to see him, his wife and the other friend who towed his vehicle that day. My friend had no way of knowing what would happen next. You see that gentleman is from a family that is very wealthy. Since that time he has written a book having to do with his salvation and the miracle that happened at exit 145. He brought a box of copies of his book that is the unedited version of the book at the printers at this time. Inside each book he gave my friend and his friend was a check for $1,200 and he made a donation to the church as well.

Before he left he let my friend know that he appreciated so much what was done for him that day 5 years ago. He said that is my friend ever had a problem or his wife or two children to not hesitate to call him and whatever it took to solve his problem he would write a check for it. He is also sending my friend a couple of cases of his book when the printing is done to do with as he pleases. I personally can't wait to read it.

Of course you have to be careful when stopping along a highway these days not knowing what kind of person you may encounter but if you feel a nudging from the Holy Spirit to help someone in distress don't pass up the chance to be a servant.


  1. That is a really amazing story! It's great that they received a reward for helping, but what stands out even more is the huge difference a simple act of kindness made! Thanks for sharing Odie.

  2. Beautiful story to end the year with, Odie. We must all try to help someone in need in 2011. I wish you and all your family a very blessed New Year, and thank you for your friendship.

  3. That is awesome Odie. Keep us posted on the book.

  4. It is wonderful how God leads. Thanks, Odie.

  5. With so many scams and rip-offs taking place nowadays it's refreshing to read a story like this one. Imagine a world in which this type of scenario was common instead of unique. One day at a time, one good deed at a time, maybe that world will be ours someday.

    Happy new year, good friend Odie!

  6. I've always believed...what goes around, comes around...this is a great example of it. Happy New Year to you and yours Odie.

  7. stories such as this renew my faith in mankind and the basic good in most of us...

    thank you for sharing...

    followed over from dad/chiefs blog...

    think i will stick around!

    Happy New Year!
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  8. What a beautiful story to end the year. Best wishes in the new year!

  9. what a beautiful story! be sure to post the name of the book and how to obtain one as i'd love to read it when it's ready. came over from chief's blog and think i'll stay a while.i like your style...

  10. A wonderful story!