Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This is serious folks!!

This really is something special so please pay attention and take the time to learn about an awesome discovery. St. Judes childrens hospital has discovered how to remove cancer fighting cells from the body, reproduce them and put them back in renewed numbers and actually kill cancer.

Also discovered is an amazing glue that actually holds our cells together and keeps them from coming apart. Go to the link and see what is so amazing about this glue. Time to get excited folks!!!


  1. I'll check these out later but they sound promising.

  2. That's exciting!!

    Beautiful picture on top!

  3. That certainly sounds amazing, Odie. It would be so wonderful to actually find a cure for all these cancers that affect so many people.

  4. I just read about this on another site...I can't remember where - it's exciting!!