Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life Goes On

It has not been a very good week but it is behind us now and life does go on. The madness started with work. My technicians have been taking their daily doses of stupid pills which ultimately ends up costing us valuable time and lots of expensive gasoline which causes my boss to rant in his 40 years of military manner.

Add to this technicians who cannot be disciplined without spending the rest of the day pouting and doing inferior work. They fall into the category of men who will "always do what they have always done". And I am the service "manager" who has an extremely hard time managing a group like that. Friday did get here praise God.

Aunt Katie was in the hospital part of the week due to an infection and dehydration. Since being home on oxygen she has not been as active and along with that has not been drinking enough fluids and eating like she should. The hospital took care of all these issues and she went home saturday feeling so much better.

Saturday morning I got up thinking I would get my hair cut while Linda cooked a baked spaghetti for us to take to my daughter Rachel's house. We were barely out of bed when she called saying my youngest grandson Matthew was sick and needed to go to the doctor so we shifted into another gear and rushed over there since we are about 40 miles away. I took them to the doctor while Linda stayed with Kaden and baked their lunch dish. Kaden thought Linda was so cool when he discovered she had a large bag of freshly sliced sharp cheddar cheese. He told her he had not had cheese like that since he was at the beach during the summer so he was in heaven. When he saw she had some left in the bag after finishing the dish he made sure she knew he wanted it left there for him.

This morning Rachel called after we had only been out of bed about an hour and had breakfast on the stove. She said Matthew got worse during the night and needed to go to the emergency room. Knowing it would be over an hour before we could get ready and be there she went to plan B and got her hubby's parents to help her get there. All this time her hubby was at my daughter Karen's home in Rockingham doing some work for them which is about 3 hours away.

So my friends it has been one of those weeks and weekends. I sure hope it went smoother for most of you and I hope to showing up more often now that I have more time. Take care and have a blessed week.


  1. Oh, Odie - I am terribly sorry to learn of this latest round of hardships in your family. These things do tend to happen in clusters and they really put us to the test. You have been stepping up to help all of your family members and I applaud you. I hope your lives will all be back to normal very soon. My prayers are with Matthew and Aunt Katie!

  2. Next week will be better, you will see!

  3. Oh, gosh, when it rains, it pours!! There were some "thankfuls" in there, especially the part with Kaden and Linda, so cute.

    I hope your little grandson Matthew is doing better, that is not fun at all.

    Glad to hear Aunt Katie is doing better. The young and the old, life is so precious.

    And the stupid inbetween, huh? I'm assuming those techs of yours are inbetween?!

    You can do it Odie, I'm sure all the stress of school and having less time, wears on the patience. I offered my Mass for you today, and every time I think of you, I've been saying a prayer. You must need those prayers, hope they are lifting you up.

  4. So sorry to hear of the past week's troubles, Odie, but at least it's over and will hopefully take its woes with it. I am very glad to hear your Aunt Kate is doing better. Hope next week is a spectacular one!

  5. Odie, what a time of it you've had. You and Linda seem to be the calm in the storm for everyone. Blessings to all of you and prayers for those needing them.

  6. The photograph of you and Linda is LOVELY! And I just know the two of you can weather any storm, together! You really do have such a wonderful way of looking at things, allowing yourself to see the humour in some not very pleasant situations viz. your junior technicians and your boss ;) that I just know you will always be the better man. I am very sorry to hear Matthew has not been at all well and do so hope the doctors are able to diagnose the problem and apply appropriate treatment so he can soon bounce back to his happy, healthy little self. You and Linda are stars and I know Rachel will have been very thankful for your loving support on Saturday. I hope Aunt Katie will continue to improve. She is a feisty lady. This brings you and Linda much love and I trust this week will be very much easier than the past one. Big hug xoxo

  7. I'm sorry to hear about Matthew and hope he is well tonight. You and Linda are such a support to your family. You are all in my prayers too.

  8. Oh Dear! I'm sorry to hear that Matthew was sick. I hope he feels better soon. It sounds like you are a super grandparent. :D

  9. Take care of yourself, Odie, because I really don't know what your family would do without all your help. I really do hope and pray that things will improve for you all.

  10. Sorry to hear you guys had so much to deal with. I wonder why the incompetent workers are not fired yet? I hope Matthew and Rachel are doing better now. Still keeping them in my prayers. Take care Odie. Good things are on the horizon.

  11. Hi Odie my friend. I'm late, but I know you'll forgive me. I agree with Desiree, that is a lovely photo of you and Linda. Gosh, what a week you had. I pray that Matthews is much better again now. It is such a worry when little ones are poorly, isn't it? I also pray that Aunt Kate will soon be her old self as well. I pray that the next week will be much easier for you my friend, both family wise, AND workwise! Sending you hugs.

  12. My goodness Odie,
    Yes life can get complicated. You guys as always are in my prayers. Please keep our daughter in your prayers. She is being unjustly treated at work and it has caused alot of pain in her life. As always we give it to God.
    Take care friend