Friday, March 23, 2012

A light show behind us

 OK, I know it is hard to see in the first picture but it was certainly brighter just looking at it. During the wee hours of the morning while it was still dark outside the airport behind us  was all lit up with reds, whites and blues that were so pretty.

  Even this picture is not as good as I wanted it to be but with maximum magnification it was the best I could do. When you are looking out your kitchen window at the lights when everything is dark is a very pretty scene. OK, on to more realistic stuff....

  When we got up this morning it was really foggy and when I went out to put something into the car I noticed the glistening patches all over the ground. The moisture had settled onto spider webs and had them outlined all over the place.

  The next one was taken in an Azalea bush and was really eye catching.

  The last one and probably the biggest was in a small evergreen tree in the front yard. I just found it amazing how nature can accent other forms of nature.


  1. I have glistening spider webs all across my front lawn every morning, Odie. I was told by a specialist that they are beneficial because they attack the web worm later in the season.

    Hey, I just realized that the email address I have for you is your old business email and won't work any more. Therefore, I will take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday tomorrow, good buddy! I hope you have a nice family celebration and post some pictures for us. Once again, happy birthday, Odie!

  2. Those pictures are really beautiful, Odie. Those spider webs look like works of art, which I guess they truly are!

    I hope your birthday tomorrow is a wonderful, refreshing, and fun one- happy birthday!

  3. I won't be around this happy birthday tomorrow...hope it's a great day full of love and lots of smiles!!

  4. I haven't seen those kind of spider webs before. I guess spiders are good for something! Have a very happy birthday tomorrow, Odie. God bless.

  5. A little birdie told me it was your birthday! happy Birthday! I hope your day is wonderful and your year spectacular!

    Blessings and best wishes,

  6. That light show from your kitchen window must have been pretty special, and the spiders webs were so beautiful! Going back to what Shady said, I guess most of us have your work e mail address , so perhaPs you could let us have your other one.

  7. Hi Odie, I am here visiting - Diane at Southams Darling whispered that it is your birthday today! So, Happy Birthday to you and have a fantastic day!


  8. Happy Birthday!!! I think you can guess, who let me know that you were having a birthday. :-) Yes, "this is me" is the one!

    Love your photos of the moisture outlined spider webs!!!! What a lovely, lovely Photo OP!!!

    "All gardening is landscape painting."

    ~William Kent

  9. Ewwww Odie...You've got a lot of spiders there I guess. I'm feeling creepy crawly just thinking about them. Pretty lights in those shots!

  10. Aren't you the lucky ones!!! Look at all the Fairy Nests you have in your back yard. That must mean the Fairies live in abundance around you and give your life lots of MAGIC! Our daughter learned about Fairy Nests from her Step-Grandmother, and taught us all about them. Now, we are passing on the Magic to the next generation. I am a new follower via Southams Darling. Rosemary

  11. PS. Happy Birthday! I forgot why I came over here in the first place. I was so taken with the Fairy Nests.