Saturday, March 10, 2012

Retirement Party

Meet Jody, one of the technicians manning the cooking pots. Largest ones I have ever seen. The front pot had potatoes and the one he is stirring had green beans.

Inside the potato pot.

A picture taken of me and the boss, Gus Cobb and if you look close you will see my bride doing what she does best fooling around with her fingers behind Gus' head. Linda's daughter Beth on the left, Linda Mull & David (technician) and I think Ed West another of the technicians.

My Cake

BBQ chicken halves that was absolutely wonderful.

Around the table, left front, Ed West, Connie Cobb, my Linda, Johnnie Cobb (technician), Beth and Kevin Hinnant (Sales)

One of their favorite Odieisms they like to repeat hanging on the monitor I used.

Awesome tee shirt given to me by the Mayo's (Tina in Sales) with the Odieism on the front.

The back of the tee shirt stating that I am retired with a view of I-95 and the 168 exit for Halifax, NC. Too Cute.

Last but certainly not least from the company so we can afford to  get away from the house gas cards totaling $500.  We were blown away with everyone's love and generosity. Knowing Gus, we have not seen the last of Quality Office Equipment. You don't just walk away from family.


  1. That is amazing, very nice party, but I understand why they were all so sweet, you are a great guy and deserve all the best, including the retirement :)

  2. What a lovely send-off, Odie! The meal, the cake, the party favours on the table, your unique tee shirt and those petrol vouchers! Linda was obviously enjoying herself :) She's looking so good. I can see she's lost even more weight in these pictures. You are looking wonderful, too. I didn't see any tears, either!
    The reality of it all will hit you on Monday when you wake up, stretch and say, "It ain't gonna happen today!"

  3. Wow, that was a terrific party they threw for you, Odie! If I had designed your cake it would have had a picture of an abandoned school bus in the woods. (LOL) You need to find that old bus, sit inside it and let your thoughts drift hither, thither and yon. Congratulations once again on a job well done and the start of your retirement years!

  4. Hi Odie! I agree with Shady 100%, Congratulations on a job well done my friend. Yes, the reality of the whole thing will hit you on Monday, but I wish only good things for you. You certainly deserve them. I also agree with Desiree - you're looking pretty good there! It must have been quite emotional for you at the party I would think. Love the cake and the t-shirt, and the shell vouchers are such a great idea. This is the first day of the rest of your life! Hugs/

  5. What a terrific party! And, I third what Odie said. You can look back on truly a job well done. And the best thing is, the best is yet to come, my friend! I wish you and Linda grand adventures, peaceful rest, and new horizons!

  6. I'm not surprised that you got such a lovely and fun send off Mr. Retiree! That's so awesome. Those gas cards will come in handy for sure. Come down to the coast!!!

  7. That was a wonderful send-off! They are going to miss you so much.

  8. That was very nice. Happy retirement.

  9. They certainly love and appreciate you over there, Odie! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. :) I'd love a piece of that cake! :)

  10. What a lovely send off. Happy Retirement.

  11. what a great party and send off for you.

    Now we need to see a pic of you wearing the shirt with those feet up
    Maybe even with a road map laid out for studying.

  12. What an awesome party!!!!! I wish you a happy retirement!!!!!!!!

  13. OH, Odie--what a great party!! I'm sure everyone will miss you!!! I hope you know how special you are to everyone who meets you!

    Love that tee--the one showing the exit for Halifax!!!

    Hoping to send you a little something soon....but with might be a couple weeks!

    God bless you Odie!

  14. Sorry I'm late, Odie. What a great party and gifts. I love your saying, "It ain't gonna happen today." You look fantastic. I've never had a pedicure either. Congrats on your career and now on your retirement!

  15. Congrats my friend~ I hope you love retirement~