Monday, October 17, 2016

My get away place

First of all since I could not find an image of an abandoned bus without the cab imagine if you will the shell of a bus with the top and sides sitting on the ground with no interior like the floor. kind of like an upside down "U" with the back door in place.  
When I was a boy I loved to explore in the woods near my house and one day I discovered this shell of a bus with a lot of growth of weeds in front of it so I cleaned away the weeds and found it to be free of growth inside.  I also found this white plastic 5 gallon bucket which I turned upside down to give me a seat. This became my place to go and find solitude where I could think, dream and be at ease.  I especially liked that I could use it on days when it was raining so I could be dry and listen to the rain hitting the top of my secret place. I miss that old bus but have never forgot how special it was and just wanted to share that important part of my growing up.


  1. What great childhood memories you have! My get away place was an abandoned house that my grandfather used for storing his livestock supplies. I spent many days playing "house" and having all kinds of adventures. I loved the pictures of Rocky. Do you still have Soffie?

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  3. That's a lovely memory you have there, Odie. It's nice to look back sometimes , isn't it? Have a good week my friend.