Friday, October 7, 2016

Tastes from long ago remembered

I ran across a journal I had written and had printed it out that ran from November 2000 to March of 2008 and brought back some memories especially in the food category. We lived near the woods so it was often that we would have squirrel on the table.

Daddy would skin the whole animal leaving everything attached and mama would pan fry the whole critter.  Many of you may not be aware of a delicacy that is part of the squirrel and that is his brain. Looking at the head without the skin there is a bone with 4 sections that have a line running down and across and all we had to do is tap it with a spoon cracking the pieces to easily pull the bones away revealing the nutty tasting brain. It was a fight sometimes to see who actually got the treat to eat. 

Another treat that I have not seen in more years than I like to even think about is Guinea eggs.

These eggs were smaller than a chicken's egg but were much more rich in taste and they were a joy to have whenever we could have them for breakfast. I need to see if I can find anyone in this area that still sells them. I can remember my dad liked to crack an egg into a paper cup and put a little vinegar in there and just drink it all down.  I never could do that.

One last item to share in today's blog is something not that many people especially today would think of as something to consume.

This my friends is pork chitterlings which is simply the intestines of the pig, cleaned well and cut up and cooked.  I can say it has been way too many years to remember when I last had a serving of this old treat. Times have changed somewhat but there are items I would recapture in a heartbeat. 

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