Sunday, November 6, 2016

What you see above without the all too familiar mirrors that you see on all North Carolina school buses now. You see about 60 years ago just outside the town of Nashville, NC my cousin Jerome was getting off his school bus like this one and about half way across the front of the bus he dropped a jar of crickets he had taken to school so the children could see the various stages of cricket growth. He reached down to pick it up and the bus driver thought he was gone and started forward knocking Jerome down and running over him with the wheel of the bus.  He lived long enough to tell my Aunt Doris that he tried to get out from under the bus but just couldn't. He did later die from the massive injuries. It was after this that all buses were outfitted with mirrors so the driver has a full view of the front of his or her bus. I still remember playing with Jerome and miss him today as I know his mother my Aunt Doris Fisher does as well.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Odie. That is such a tragic story. Jerome's parents and all the family must have been devastated. So very sad. Thank goodness they have those bug mirrors now.