Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrity Dairy Vacation in Siler City, NC

Our adventure started Saturday in Pittsboro at the Carolina Brewery and Grill. The food and service was awesome. Of course I had to try one of their own brews called the Sky Blue and I think Linda's was called a Hurricane and had strawberry in it.

It was a roomy restaurant with lots of local art on the walls for sale

Linda chose the turkey sandwich on freshly made bread and was very satisfied with her choice.

I like spicy food so I had to get the buffalo chicken strips. We were both so full when we left.

Britt is the owner and host at the Celebrity Dairy and does everything he can to make you feel so at home.

Brooke, the chef, always exceeded our expectations at breakfast and is such a sweet person to be around as well.

Signature sign at the Celebrity Dairy

Attractive art work on gable end at front of the B & B

Frontal view of the B & B

Side entrance where guest enter to get registered and is also the main dining room entrance.

Tapestries and other decorations that add beauty to the B & B

Plate commemorating the beginning of the Celebrity Dairy back in 1987

The big king sized bed in our room named the Hattie Mae.

Attractive dresser in one corner of the room

This is actually a wall covering in the massive bathroom that had two full sized sinks with mirrors and a "double shower" bigger than any shower I have ever seen.

Our breakfast table that made it cozy for all of us to be at the table at the same time.

One of the fruit arrangements of canteloupe and pineapple.

A mound of bacon waiting for the other dishes to be brought out. Also a jug of grapefruit juice that was tasty. This morning we had pumpkin waffles, bananas with spices and pecans, eggs slow cooked with goat cheese and herbs that was the best eggs I have ever eaten. Brooke did an awesome job each time.

This is a new yard ornament that has been added since we were there before.

Parked out back was this MG with 1958 license plate on it indicating it was in Germany.

One of the resident cats that like to be rubbed.

Britt's complimentary alarm that wakes everyone up "early" in the morning.

The farm "Stud" that has his own pasture separate from the milk goats. He is allowed in there in August to breed but his scent is a little too strong to stay around the milk goats.

A friend for the stud so he will not be too lonesome away from the others.

Some cows that Britt has recently acquired.

The girls that supply lots and lots of eggs.

The king of the family.

You can tell it is close to milking time for her.

Their daily routine at 6:30 AM & PM

A visitor that I used my zoom lens to bring this close. He was about 6 feet long.


  1. Great post Odie! It sure does look like a wonderful place to stay. Elliot would be absolutely in love with those goats. I think I'll plan a field trip in the fall. I'm glad to know that you are having a good summer and taking time for respite.

  2. Great photos of the lodging, cuisine and goats, Odie. Looks like you had a swell time!

  3. What a gorgeous place to stay. Your room was lovely, and I am just in love with the breakfast table area! It looks so romantic, I could sit there for hours. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit.

  4. I love the pictures. Looks like lots of good eating and lots of fun.

  5. This was delightful, Odie. The guesthouse is a very attractive building and you had a lovely room with probably great views from the windows and Frenchdoors. I loved seeing all of the farmyard animals but that huge black snake would have freaked me out. Do you know if it was poisonous? My son enjoys beer. We prefer wine. I must say I had not realized strawberries could be added to flavour beer. I always think of beer as being a bitter drink. You enjoyed some good meals and the breakfasts sounded particularly inventive and delicious. I am very partial to goats cheese. We have a very good farm not too far away that is popular both with locals and tourists. They produce their own wines, too and have a busy restaurant on site but no accommodation facilities. I think The Celebrity Dairy offers the best of everything! A truly lovely place to unwind. It's clear you and Linda had a super time!

  6. Lovely post, you should be in the marketing business :)

  7. Looks like a lovely place to stay. Relax and enjoy :)

  8. gorgeous place to stay..I love the house and the room to fancy to sleep but I'm scared with snakes:)

    Lovely photos and I guess you had a great time!

  9. I love it all - EXCEPT that snake!! YIKES!!!!

    Looks like a wonderful place for some R&R. Great food too!

  10. Beautiful place, and it looks like you all had some delicious food while you were there, too. It also looks like the owners treat their animals very humanely, which is a neat thing!

  11. Looks beautiful there. And the interiors look just my style. ;-)

  12. Wow Odie great photos. Thank you so much for posting. It's like we were there with you.. I'll pass on hanging out with the snake though. We have some ( not like that) in our garden and I HATE them! Hugs♥

  13. Nice place! Looks like you are enjoying yourself. But watch out for more snakes...

  14. Fantastic photos for us to look at from your time away. What a gorgeous place it looks. The house and the room in which you stayed was awesome! The goats, of course, are just so cute. I want one!! I also love that red retro car. Very nice!! So glad that you and Linda had such a lovely time my friend.

  15. Fun post, Odie. I'm a sucker for a good sandwich, fries and buffalo sauce. Looked mighty tasty!

    I also got a kick out of all your goat pics. I've always wondered if they really eat tin cans like in the cartoons.