Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday in my neck of the woods

An absolutely beautiful day in Halifax County with a sky like I love to see.

Rocky helping me check things out as he enjoys the times he gets to be outside with me.

More views of the sky to enjoy.

Melody's where I get my hair cut and she does an awesome job.

An area separating the Roanoke River

The river is quite rocky and famous for it's Rock Fish.

Some area fishermen trying their luck during the early morning hours.

Located on the river is Kapstone, the areas biggest employer, a very large paper mill.

This is the parking area for people who want to put their boats in for whatever reason.

The last 3 pictures are of the damage the tornado did a while back when it touched down here in Roanoke Rapids.


  1. I hope you're living in a twister free zone from now on, Odie. We get 'em here in Florida during January and February and I dread them. I'd love to be skipping stones along that river of yours right now...with Rocky by my side, of course.

  2. The blue sky is amazing, wish I had it during our holiday (starts tomorrow and the weather forecast is not at all encouraging!)

  3. Wow, that tornado was mean! I have never seen a rock fish before, Odie. I'll have to google for an image. You're so lucky to have a Melody. It's not always easy to find someone you're really happy with, most of, if not all of, the time :) So glad you and Rocky had such a perfect day. He looked so eager to be going somewhere in the picture you shared, as though he was saying, "Come on, Odie! We can stop and take pictures later! Let's get on with the fun stuff first!"

    And I loved seeing a bit more of the area where you live. It is very pretty and in many respects so different from where I live. Please keep the pictures coming :)

    Hope you, Linda & Rocky have a great week. It's Sunday night here & I'll soon be off to bed.

  4. The nature and sky photos were wonderful! Thanks for the virtual tour. I'm going to look up rock fish, as I don't know what they are.

  5. You live in a beautiful part of the world. I loved the pictures.

  6. We had rain, thunder and lightening here today!! The weather the past few days had been nice, but it was getting a bit too muggy for my liking!!! Feel free to push the blue skies my way!!

  7. That river is so inviting to me for fishing. The blue skies with the clouds are so bright. Great photo's. Thanks for the tour.

  8. Hi Odie. You certainly live in a very pretty area. What gorgeous photos of that lovely blue sky. We haven't seen to much of it over here lately, I'm afraid. Little Rocky really is so cute.

  9. Lovely photos, Odie. You do live in a nice area. So sad about the damage and loss of life tornados cause.

  10. You live in a beautiful land, Odie. The sky was indeed glorious here.

    So sad to see damage done by Mother Nature.

  11. Looks so beautiful there, but from the damage, it's obvious that your area has a dark side.

  12. Your home looks beautiful!

    Minus the tornado damage of course. I am from Seattle so we have zero chance of ever having a tornado (earthquakes though are a different story) so thinking about a tornado freaks me out.

    Plus when I was little I watched the movie Twister and have been scarred ever since.

  13. Hi Odie,
    Before we moved to NC my brother was going to college here. He was always saying there is nothing as pretty as a Carolina Blue the time I was all oh yada yada yada. Then we moved here not far from where he went to college...we even attended a football game at alma mater. Yep there IS nothing as pretty as a Carolina Blue Sky!

    Thanks for showing our fellow blog friends...have a great week!


  14. The blue sky was beautiful. I love your Rocky, what a sweetie!
    give Linda a hug for me:-)

  15. there's Rocky! river was quite calm and serene. i love are very lucky to have a good one, enjoy it!