Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrity Dairy Goat Trip Pictures

Entrance to Celebrity Dairy B & B in Siler City, NC
Loving on the goats
Still loving on the goats
Goats being milked: when they come in they go up a ramp and assume the position with their head through the bars and they are locked in place eating while the milking is in process.
Concentrating on eating while waiting to be milked.
Needing relief from an abundance of milk.
More goats chowing down waiting to be milked.
One of the few Lamas that have.
Lama taking a break
So young and sooooooo cute.
They will stand on anything, even a bucket.
Wanting to be rubbed and loved on.
A pen full of young goats.
Entrance to a chicken farm near by.
Take a picture of me next...
Climbing on rocks in their spare time.
At the entrance of Celebrity Dairy is their chickens that provide eggs for our breakfast and to sell to the public.
A lot of chickens.
Always thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.
Boss rooster.
The kitchen at Celebrity Dairy
The dining room for the gormet breakfasts
A dresser in our room with a decorative front.
Fireplace in the dining room
An awesome place to eat in Siler City. Bestfood Cafeteria, great food and great people.

Entrance to Bestfood Cafeteria gift shop.


  1. Odie, that's fascinating! I never knew that goat milk is collected in that manner. It's amazing how the animals have become conditioned to having their heads locked in place but food is a powerful incentive. All of the animals look healthy and well cared for. Looks like a great place to visit and dine!

  2. These pictures are so interesting. Thanks for taking the time to share them. Those goats are so cute and now I know why we call children kids. When a child is two years old he would stand on an upside down bucket if Mama would allow it.

  3. Love your pictures and I am sooo glad you guys are having a nice time:-)

  4. Love all the photos and all that you caputured in each one. Oh the one with the goat standing on top of the others how cute is that?
    Looks like a lovely time

  5. I just realized it just looks like he is standing on top of the other goats I didnt have glasses on sorry!
    Blessings LOL

  6. Odie, I have a great friend from Siler City who lives in Dallas now. I love the photos of all the animals. We have sister has a goat farm, right now she has 25 babies and more on the way. That red rooster was full of himself!

  7. Hi there! Found you from Missy's blog.

    I enjoyed this as I have a now 11 year old stallion whose dam died shortly after his birth. He was raised on goat milk. There is a dairy goat farmer very close to me that supplied him with copious amounts of milk for three months. He is tall and we have always attributed it to the goat milk!

  8. Glad you enjoyed it. Pictures were great, especially the ones of the baby goats! Super cute! Funny you said they climb rocks in their spare time! Ha Ha. Have a good week! Love you.

  9. Great pictures! Goats are just the cutest, friendliest creatures. LLamas have such long necks and sweet faces. Quite a few people around our city raise llamas.
    What a beautiful place to stay and eat! I was glad to see the chicken farm lets the chickens roam around outside. I only buy free-range eggs.

  10. Such great pictures, Odie! I'd really like to take my son there...I bet he'd just love all those cute little goats. Thank You for sharing this :)

  11. That looks like a really cool place to visit. Cute animals, the sort of place Holly and Jack just love :) Glad you are having a good time.

  12. looks like you had a great time and that dresser is stunning. I would have wanted to hide it in the boot of the car and take it home

  13. Those photos were lovely, Odie, and the little goats are so cute. I want one, although I believe they would eat everything that was in the garden! Looks as if you had a lovely time. It's a real treat to have days out like that. I saw from the comment that you left me that little Rocky was really pleased to have you back!!

  14. What a fun trip, love those photos, you and the goats,love it! Bug Hugs, Katherine

  15. hmmm. wondering if a bug hug is as nice as a big hug, giggle, sorry for the type o :-)

  16. This is pretty neat! It looks like an interesting place to go. I've actually been to Siler City on a few occasions, but mostly just passing through. I'm thinking that my first wife's second husband may have originally been from there.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  17. Odie, that looks like a great place to visit. Hopefully you can visit often enough to get your "goat fix" regularly!

  18. My son would love it there. Recently he was able to get his goat fix at our nature center. He learned that sheep aren't as easy going or affectionate as the goats. When in the pen with them, he sat right down on the ground (to my dismay...clean pants no more!) and the goats sat down with him.
    I enjoyed seeing your pictures and will have to make plans to visit this wonderful place.

  19. Great tour! We have chickens and dogs. Jilda's sister has goats and we've talked about getting a few but haven't taken the leap yet.
    Good post.

  20. What a great day out! That makes me want to pack up me nieces and head out to the countryside. Spring is here and that means the "kids" will be out and about soon. They sure are cute, those kids! - G

  21. Oh what a wonderful trip you've shared here, Odie! I, too, love farmyards and animals and those goats you befriended look so cuddlesome. They'd probably make delightful pets...and I'll bet their cheese tastes good, too!

    And the many...enjoying scratching about outdoors and not being confined to those dreadful pens! This clearly is a farm where the animals are loved and valued!

    You obviously had a marvellous time...your photos and captions are delightful! It's quite clear you were 'in your element' and you've succeeded in sharing it so vividly with all of us. THANK YOU!!!

    I've booked my spot right up front for the next outing.

  22. We used to keep chickens and I was thinking of a couple of goats to keep them company. Looking at your great pictures, I wish I'd gone ahead with that idea.

  23. I like the picture of you petting the goat......the one where your head is on's cute.....I can see how much you like the little guy.

  24. Very cool! It's great that they let you see the whole process. I want to raise a couple goats for their milk. It's supposed to be the best for you. My pastor and wife had goats when their kids were little and said they were the easiest to milk!

  25. I feel like I just took a trip to the county fair with the goats and chickens!