Saturday, March 19, 2011

Check out what we found today

Let me begin by telling you a story. Back last November after following the blog "creating my own little nirvana" being posted from an orphanage in Russia I wanted to get involved so I went shopping and bought a lot of stuff that I thought would benefit small children. It's amazing how much great stuff you can find at "Dollar Tree".

I finally got it all together and shipped it to the orphanage. I wanted to get some kind of confirmation that the package arrived but never heard one way or the other. Well, last monday I got home from work and there was a box sitting on my back porch. All that stuff had made it's way back to me after all this time. Now I had the decision to make regarding what I should do with all this stuff.

After some research I settled on an orphanage in the quaint town of Oxford, NC known as "The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford". In 1855 the Masons of NC purchased 109 acres at Oxford from E.H. Hicks for $4,480. Since then many building have been built and many children have received care with no support from the state or federal governments.

They have homes on campus that accomodate about 8 children each with a married couple (man & woman) living in the house with them. They give the children stability and a sence of mother & father always there. The couples work for 20 day and get 10 off with alternates stepping in for the 10 days

The children attend public schools and can literally stay there from new born to the age of 24. During this time the home for children makes sure they are educated through high school, college and even masters degrees if they desire to go that far.

Linda & I carried the box of stuff I had already shipped once and also 3 boxes of craft materials donated by Ms. Katherine Collins. There is a room on campus devoted to nothing but crafts so those materials will be put to good use.

If you feel led to help them continue to serve children giving them a christian, family environment you can use this address:

The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford
600 College Street
Oxford, NC 27565-2758

The Administration Building

Some of the homes.

Swimming Pool

The Gym

Their Church

Kitchn in the Children's homess



  1. Very nice to know these are out there.

  2. It looks like a wonderful facility, Odie. I'm glad you found worthy recipients for your generosity.

  3. That was nice of you to do, Odie. &
    It sounds like a nice place.

  4. that is awesome! more communities could do something like this.

  5. It's too bad about the package, but it must have been meant to be!!

    Beautiful place.

  6. It is great to know about this place. How wonderful of the Masons to do this for children. Thanks for sharing, Odie.

  7. Certainly looks a fantastic place that has been provided for these children. Shame that package didn't reach the Russian Orphanage, but I know these people will be thrilled with it.

  8. It is wonderful that they aren't aged out at the age of adulthood "18" and are given further options.

    I too sent a package to Russia 2 years ago - I mailed in October to be sure my pal received it by Christmas [she was an American living in Russia and missed our Christmas - not the same as yours, but still] and I got the package back the following May. I contacted her and she still lived at the same address. I won't attempt Russia again.

    It was nice that you had another place to gift your package to, and a wonderful place at that.

  9. What a wonderful facility. It looks so clean and well run with pools and games. Even a church. That is a shame that your gifts didn't reach Russia.

  10. That is awesome! We have a Children's Home less than a mile from where we live. It is a home for older children.
    Sorry for the Children in Russia...

  11. I think it was meant to be that this home was to receive your generous and kind gift. I bet you have made a whole lot of people very happy indeed!

    Best wishes always,

  12. Sorry your box came back from Russia but this looks like a deserving place to give to. We have a home for children up here called Grandfather Home and also the Crossnore School.

    Carolina Mts

  13. Well at least you could put the stuff in the box to use to someone you know who can use it. :)

  14. Thanks for doing this, Odie! It feels so good to give.

  15. We have a place like that near us, except it's for orphan kids from wars. Also they let adults/famlies move in for a period of three years if they are low income and need help with further education.

  16. Hi Odie, I want to say how much I appreciated the comment on my blog. It's great to meet you and to discover that you live fairly close. I was surprised to learn that there is an orphanage here. It looks like a wonderful, hopeful place. I'm inspired to investigate that further and make a donation as well. Have a great weekend!

  17. Hi Odie! I stumbled over your page while trying to find swamp photos for my daughter. I scrolled down, and was intrigued by the "Check out what we found today" link. My grandmother worked at the Oxford Children's Home for many years and I spent many enjoyable weeks during Summers there with her. I have continued to donate to the Orphanage in the years since. I have also become a Mason to further contribute to causes such as this. Thanks for you photos and your story!