Friday, March 4, 2011

Do you know what "HOPE" is?

Do you know what Hope is?

It's magic and it's free.

It's not in a prescription.

It's not in an IV.

It punctuates our laughter,

It sparkles in our tears.

It simmers under sorrows,

And dissipates our fears.

Do you know what Hope is?

It's reaching past today,

It's dreaming of tomorrow,

It's trying a new way.

It's pushing past impossible

It's pounding on the door,

It's questioning the answer.

It's always seeking more.

It's rumors of a break

It's whispers of a cure

A roller coaster ride.

Of remedies, unsure.

Do you know what Hope is?

It's candy for the soul,

It' perfume for the spirit,

To share it,

Makes you Whole.


  1. That's beautiful! At our hospice workshops, we always ask people to write down what they think "hope" means and we put all the answers together to make a poem. Did you write this? Could I share it with the people at hospice (with proper credit, of course)?

  2. that was beautiful! hope (and faith) is what gets me through many days.

  3. Go right ahead Lolamouse, I found it on the internet.

  4. Without hope all is lost. There is always reason to hope. Always.

  5. Really enjoyed that poem today, Odie. We must all have hope in our lives.

  6. At one point in my life I felt I had lost all hope. It is a horrible feeling, and I was wrong. Hope did come back and it is true you need it in your life to keep going through the hard times.

  7. Hope- somedays it is all you have to get you through

  8. Beautiful words. My HOPE is in the Lord!!

  9. These are priceless words of wisdom.

  10. Yup, that's what hope is.