Friday, July 22, 2011

It's About Time - Refrigerator Door Reminder

Clean the House
in 2012

.......And don't forget the Senate!!!!!!!


  1. Odie, I love your Fridge magnet! I was just having a conversation with my husband and son saying I am going to write all our representatives and let them know I am voting out anyone who can't be bipartisan for their country's sake. I am fed up with what they are not accomplishing and I have a the voting booth and I intend to use it. Thanks again!

  2. After reading her comment I like Sush even more than I before (if that's even possible). Politics is a touchy subject in blogland or anywhere else but I agree with what she wrote here. Thanks, Odie!

  3. I can't watch the news without getting beside myself with rage. And I only watch about 15 minutes a day! It is hard to believe what is going on in Washington.

  4. That's great. If only we could.

  5. Oh man - even on the other side of the pond politicians are often out for number 1! We had a really good MP. He started off as a councillor on our city council and didn't really care who you had voted for - he was there to help. He ws voted in as MP just at the start of all the expenses scandles - but he kept true - which is hard in the dirty world of politics.
    He helped us a few times both in council and westminister. And when Paul did a 3K run to raise money for the children's hospice, he sponsored him. No big hoo haa, just did it. I went into his office to thank him and he said that every monht, he allocated a budget of money for things like that - it could be sponsoring one for a run, or a donation to something in the community - much as he would have liked mega biucks to give, he didn't, but sometimes 20/30 £££s or $$$$s is enough. He is now in the scottish parliment