Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kaden is 5 years old!!!!

Kaden getting ready to blow out the candles for his 5th birthday party & notice his brother Mattie already trying to help him blow them out.

Rachel the proud mama & her sister Pam.

Pam, Kaden & Karen (puppy kisses).

Kaden telling Linda how old he is today.

Linda & Pam
Kaden & Mattie excited at the thought of opening all the gifts.

Kaden being helped by his dad (Billy) to get everything opened.

Kaden checking out his treasures as Karen documents.

I think he likes that one a lot.

Linda watching as Kaden makes short work of getting the wrapping paper off.

He is really into Legos so this will be one of his favorites

Giving grandpa Groves a hug.


  1. happy birthday Kaden!
    Mattie, your pouty lips was so cute =)

  2. WE call this turning a 'whole hand' in our family...a real milestone! Congrats to Kaden and what a cool monster truck cake. Thanks for sharing your family is wonderful!

  3. Happy birthday, Kaden! This is the third person I've encountered today who is having a birthday. I hope Kaden enjoys his presents and keeps the happy memories of this special day surrounded by family.

  4. YAY! Love, love, love birthday pictures. :) He is so cute.

    Bring on the Legos. LOVE Legos. Remind me again why my kids got old? giggle

  5. What a wonderful birthday cake! Happy Birthday to Kaden. 5 is a beautiful age to be.

  6. Happy birthday to Kaden and many blessings prayed today for him!!!

    Cool cake, my kiddos loved the cake!!

  7. Happy birthday Kaden. The cake looked awesome and Lego is a boys best pressie ever

  8. Lovely pictures! Happy birthday Kaden

  9. Great cake! Happy birthday Kaden. Have a lovely weekend Odie :)

  10. Looks like a wonderful party- tell Kaden Happy Birthday!

  11. Kaden is a cutie and that cake is awesome. Looks like a fun time for all.

  12. Great cake! Happy birthday to sweet little Kaden.

  13. Happy Birthday Kaden!
    Wow, any kid would love those Legos! =)

  14. Superb birthday cake!! I remember my sonm wanting a train in the style of Thomas the Tank Engine - I was up all night....

    Happy Birthday, Kaden. Sorry I'm late with the wishes. :)