Friday, July 15, 2011

Let me show you around

Happy Friday everyone. It has been a relatively calm week but I always look forward to the weekend. Thought I would give you a better look at the area I spend most of days. The morning sky looks promising and the temperature is actually cool and pleasant this morning so the cold front has arrived and we will be getting some much needed relief from the triple digit heat. This is a view looking up the hill from the office and a little bit of Griffins Where we fuel our vehicles. Gas is back up to $3.59 this morning.

Across the street are some of our neighbors in the next 3 pictures.

Here you are seeing part of the shop area where my 5 technicians work when not out in the field on service calls.

Our conference room where we have our service meetings on monday, wednesday & fridays.

Our display room with copiers ready for someone to say "I want it".

Near the front door featuring a vintage typewriter.

Other side at front door & window to Connie Cobb's office, wife of the owner. We use her glass to display currents events of interest.

The owner, Gus Cobb's office.

The next 3 pictures are of things he has acquired over the years.

I thought his desktop picture was cute so here it is.


  1. the tour of where you spend your weekdays, Odie! It looks like a pleasant area all round.

  2. There is something wrong with Blogger chomped off half of my previous comment! I'd said I'd enjoyed the tour...and that it was a novel idea to take us to work with you :)

    Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  3. Great tour...I was a little sad we didn't get a picture of your chicken salad in the office fridge!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Those offices are very attractive, Odie. I particularly like the old typewriter on display at the entrance. Glad your weather's cooling off. Have a great weekend!

  5. How cute the boss has Disney. Love how green it is around the buildings. And the typewriter is gorgeous

  6. Hi Odie. I like the vintage typewriter. I can remember learning to type on one like that. You had to press the keys so hard - it was like driving a double decker bus!! A really novel idea for a post. Some of those rooms look really quite grand. I enjoyed the tour my friend.

  7. Great to see where you go to daily!!

    Nice shop!

  8. I like your office rooms so much! They look so homey and welcoming. I also like how the businesses across the street are made all woodsy-like. :) I'm glad it is cooling off for you guys. God bless.

  9. Cool office and very organised I might add! :)

  10. Love the wall paper on the PC!!!

  11. I was amazed with the vintage typewriter! I just realized how am I gonna survive college if computer hasn't taken place. And I just can't imagine having to type all the homeworks/ school requirements by typewriter alone! hehehe.

  12. That vintage typewriter looks a lot like the one I learned to type on back in 1944. When you got to end of the line you had to hit the lever to make it go to the beginning of the next line. It had a bell to let you know it was time to hit the lever. As the Bunkers would say, "Those were the days".

  13. You should be a tour guide. Thanks!!!

  14. Just stopped by to say hello, loved the tour!
    I agree with Barb, you should be a tour guide!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  15. Very enjoyable tour, Odie! I <3 the old typewriter, too!

  16. Hi Odie.
    I love your great Tour of your office !!!!
    I also love your old Typewriter Gorgeous ~~~
    Im your newest follower on your Great Blog, hope you will come over and follower me also. I hope you like Tablescapes come see. Hope you and your family have a Great Weedend.
    XXOO Diane