Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Gathering at the Lake

My Grandsons Mattie &  Kaden checking out the pier

Mattie had his eye on the paddle boat resting on the bank.

Kaden had his bucket ready for the hunt to begin.

Linda's daughter Beth & her boyfriend Nick cooling it on the deck.

Grandsons Kaden & Mattie running & playing on the huge deck.

Beth and Nick needing some teenage along time.

Linda's niece Ashley, my daughter Rachel holding Mattie with Kaden on the right.

One of Linda's brother Junior's flowers.

My grandsons loving on a Boston Terrier named Red, they took turns chasing and being chased by Red and had a great time.

Can't believe I ate the whole thing. Couple of burgers with cheese, Linda's baked beans and my cole slaw. 

Mattie working on the icing of a cupcake Linda made while Rachel enjoys herself.

Mattie trying another strategy using his mouth only to attack that cupcake.

Chocolate Eclair cake that was a big hit with everyone.

Let the egg hunt begin

Very special fruit pizza that Linda made and was refreshing.

Linda's mom, Margie, sporting a flower given to her my little Ashley.


  1. What a great post Odie!!

    mmmm....that fruit pizza looks wonderful!

    No buns for your burgers? The food looks great, can you tell I"m hungry?

    I love the teens on the dock picture--very sweet!

    Linda's mom is beautiful.

    Happy Easter!

    OH, since we have a Clare in our house, did you make that eclair dessert? we might have to make something like that some time...

  2. That blue lake is just beautiful, Odie. It looks like the gang had a great time roaming the water's edge, resting on the pier, hunting for eggs and and enjoying lots of tasty food. I never saw or heard of a fruit pizza but it looks delicious. Happy Easter to all of you, good buddy!

  3. Hi Odie. Great post! Lovely to see all the family together and having a wonderful time. The lake looks gorgeous and look at the lovely weather! Tell Linda we all love the look of her fruit pizza! Sending Easter blessings your way my friend. I love the way you have framed the photos today.

  4. What a terrific time! YOu all are making memories for those kids they will have forever. The food looks so good, too. That fruit pizza is something I'd like to try!

  5. Happy Easter for you and your family!

  6. It looks like you're having a great time! The fruit pizza I could eat right now.

    I can see your weekend is already great. :) I hope it continues that way.

  7. Lovely photos and looks like everyone was having a blast :) Happy Easter Odie x

  8. Great family photos, Odie. The kids will always remember Easter days there. Linda's fruit pizza is healthy and looks like it would taste wonderful!

  9. Looks like a wonderful family time and a beautiful day
    Happy Easter to you

  10. What a wonderful Easter with family. Happy Easter Odie to you and your beautiful family!
    God Bless you all:-)

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter with your family! Mattie reminds me of my boy Kyle when he was that age. I think it's the blond hair and the attach of the cup cake without hands. Yep. That's it. :) Have a great day my friend.

  12. Hey Odie,
    What kind of camera do you use Odie, your pictures are wonderful. I just bought a new camera I think I will love. Its a Nkon Coolpix P510. Has a bunch of bells and whistles I can't wait to learn how to use. I will be doing a blog post on it sometime soon.
    Tell Linda her fruit pizza is beautiful!
    Have a great day!