Saturday, April 14, 2012

This was so sweet to see

What the writing says:

This isn't just a flower.
As you can plainly see.
It is made with my little face.
Which is a part of me.

God made me with His loving hands.
And hand-picked me just for you.
You raise me just as He commands.
As you watch me grow and bloom.

It comes to you with lots of love.
Especially to say,
I hope you have a very, very
Happy Mothers Day

Love Kaden


  1. If he did it again, I bet his hand prints will be a lot bigger this year.

  2. Kaden's a fine boy and that was a wonderful Mother's Day surprise. Wonder what he has planned for this year?

  3. Dear Odie, I love this post!!! That's the kinda stuff that warms your heart to the core. You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:) I hope the week ahead for you is filled with love, laughter and God's Blessings! -Kerrie (aka KC)