Saturday, April 14, 2012

This and That

Yes, this is how Soffie reacts when she think Linda (mama) is about to come in the back door, rising to get a better look.

A new sea creature in my daughter Rachel's salt water aquarium, not sure what it is.

Love the way the Azaleas are in full bloom now taken before the big frost we just had.

Unique fountain in front of Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount, NC.

Wish I could say I took this.  Was taken by a photographer in Australia. Our railroad tracks seems to mostly be rusty where this one captures the sky in it's reflection. Using it as my desktop picture until something else inspires me.

Picture painted my friend (Mynx) in Australia. She hasn't been doing this very long but there is no doubt that the talent was always there. 

Leaving you with a funny to start your weekend off with a smile hopefully. It is a beautiful day here in NC with temps that started at 35 degrees (F) but should rise to over 80 before the day is over. Have a great one everyone.


  1. You should have made the title "This and That as I Bounce Thru My Weekend" in honor of BB! (LOL) I love the painting by Mynx. Purple and green are my two favorite colors. Soffie steals my heart every time I see her. There's nothing like the love of a dog... nothing. Have a great weekend, Odie!

  2. What a fun post Odie!! I love that painting also, beautiful vibrant colors, and I agree, it looks like that talent was always there!!

    Great picture of Soffie, so funny!

    Your azaelas look wonderful, so vibrant!

  3. The azaleas are beautiful. I loved all the pictures.

  4. I love how Soffie stretches up to see if Mommy is home! How sweet, and she is just a beautiful dog now. That is a great photo of the railroad tracks and the azaleas are gorgeous. It is a little rainy here today, but that is the norm for spring in this area. God Bless.

  5. Love these pics, and my favorite is of Soffie waiting for Mom- too precious!

  6. Beautiful photos, Odie! The Australian one looks too good to be true. I suspect some Photoshopping, but maybe they do polish their train tracks in Australia.