Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A walk in the yard

Another beautiful day here in NC and decided to take a walk with Rocky since Soffie perferred to sleep on the couch.  It was windy but was in the upper 60's so it was perfect to ramble around.  Thought I would share some random shots around the property. Hope everyone is having a wonderful "hump" day.

Love Linda's mom's huge trees in her back yard.

The Azaleas beside the house will be in full bloom very soon

Love watching the birds bath in the water.

These fake Canada Geese have been at that spot for longer than I know.

Can't have an outside post with King Rocky


  1. Hi Odie. You really have such a lovely, peaceful spot there my friend. A Little bit of heaven right here on earth! Loved the Canadian Geese.Those Azaleas are such a wonderful colour. The weather looks just perfect, with pleasant temperatures and not too hot at the moment. Take care.

  2. Hi, Odie! Gosh, I can't believe Soffie didn't want to go out for a walk with you and Rocky. Maybe she's upset with you for telling her to stay away from the road! There's beauty everywhere on your large property. Thanks for sharing, good buddy!

  3. Those azaleas are stunning! I love the look on Rocky's face in that last picture. Your world is a beautiful place, my friend~

  4. Very beautiful :) I love the birds. We have azaleas growing in our front garden,too. Cheerful colours :)