Friday, April 19, 2013

Hanging on, some just barely

   Happy Friday everyone and I hope all is well wherever you are.  Right now the 
wind is blowing very hard here in NC and may blow in a storm before the day is over.  Our temps have been consistently in the upper 80's so it feels a lot like summer already.  As I was riding around today I got to thinking about all the many buildings that have been vacant for such a long time but are still hanging on in varying degrees of decay.  Sadly I don't have to drive very far to see the number of places that I will show you today.  I know it is spring and flowers are blooming and the green leaves look wonderful but I chose to showcase the forgotten buildings today.



  1. Hallo there old buddy - as our friend Shady would say! Two posts from you in a few days. You're spoiling us! What a fantastic array of old buildings . I just love pictures like this. What a story they could tell. I would love to renovate house number 1! I also like that wooden building , number 6 up from the last one. That looks like its got Odie's name on it! Have a great weekend.

  2. If those vacant structures could talk just think of the stories they would tell... stories of happy times and bad times. Even in this stage of abandonment and decay there is a certain charm about them. Pictures like these calm and comfort me, somehow. I hope you stay safe from the storms, good buddy. Take care of Rocky and Soffie and thank you very much for wishing Margaret a happy birthday. Your words meant a lot to her.

  3. Great pictures Odie!! You've become quite the photographer!

    Love seeing all the green!! (as you know, we only have white here)