Saturday, June 4, 2011

My grandson Mattie is 3

My daughter Rachel gets more creative as the boys get older.

Matthew "Mattie" Groves star of the show.

My youngest daughter Rachel & mother of Mattie

My oldest daughter Pam who works for Concentra a worldwide healthcare organization was just chosen whose who for the company, will be in their newsletter internationally, given a trip to Dallas, Tx home office for Concentra and awarded a very nice monetary gift. Congratulations Pam, your hard work finally recognized.

My middle daughter Karen.

Pam's daughter and my grandaughter Ashley.

Mattie's other grandparents the Groves family.

My girls Rachel, Pam & Karen

Mattie's big brother Kaden

Ice cream time for Mattie.

Kaden enjoying his cake & ice cream.

Let's open presents.


  1. Great pictures Odie. Those little boys sure do look alike. Grandkids are the best. Looks like a fun time was had.

  2. Good pics Dad, glad you omitted the bad profile picture you took of me! It was a good day and I am glad I got to see you!

  3. I've seen this cast of characters before, Odie. You have a fine looking family from the youngest all the way up to Aunt Katie. Thanks for sharing the times of your life with us!

  4. Love the cake! I see he got the toy car to match, plus Transformers. He must have been one happy boy. Love the photos of your family and congrats to your daughter Pam!

  5. Wow, what a cake!!!

    Love seeing your beautiful daughters, especially together!

    Happy birthday and many blessings to your sweet grandson!

  6. OH, did you figure out how to keep your "favorites" on the new google chrome?

    We havent' figured that one out yet.

    But I can comment!!

  7. Odie, I love watching little ones opening presents or watching them observe present opening! The look of joyful anticipation is so pure and delight filled!
    What a lovely family and what a joyous day...Happy Birthday indeed!

  8. That cake is one of the coolest I've ever seen! I love to devour cake. But this one is so spectacular I think I'd feel bad digging in.

    Your grandbabies are gorgeous! Little boys are my favorite! (Little girls are my other favorite :) Kids are the best.

  9. oh I love Birthdays! Great pics and I loved that cake!

  10. You have a lovely family, Odie!

  11. Great pics....looks like a successful party after a rough start to the morning....

  12. Hi Odie, thanks for sharing these happy pictures. Your family is so sweet.

  13. I love the pictures!! Your grandchildren are adorable :D

  14. so adorable! such a happy pictures/ family:)

  15. What a great post! Your family is beautiful [and talented - that cake is amazing! Wow]

    Looks as though Mattie had a great time.

    Happy Birthday Mattie!