Wednesday, June 22, 2011

True Colors Swap

Recently one of my new friends, Jessica over at Duck Duck Cow invited me to participate in a "True Colors Swap" and we teamed up. She got my package the other day and I got hers today and it was like Christmas in my office. Before I get into explaining about the assortment be sure to pay her a visit and you will be glad you did. The first picture is of the contents minus the filler paper.

Next was a banner you can see that goes under the pictures over my desk. It is one of my favorite verses in the bible from Joshua.

Next is all the stuff laid out before I started unwrapping. She even had them numbered.

Number 1 was a couple of great popcorn buckets with a number of microwavable packages of popcorn inside. That will come in handy when I get the munchies.

What can be in #2?
#2 had a pack of Stride chewing gum. Very tasty stuff.

Next was #3 which was a little bigger.

A handy, dandy clip reading light to help me when I need some more light reading.

Here comes #4
Something everyone can surely use, a first aid kit I can have in my car.

We're up to #5
I don't know if you are like me but when I use a pen that writes bold my hand writing gets sloppy. #5 had two of the best writing pens I've had in some time. They are Gel pens and have a fine point and so appreciated.

OK gang, we're coming up on #6
A note pad for those times when I need to jot something down and will fit right into my pocket.

#7 is a little heavy, what can it be?

Oh my goodness, it's big, it's chocolate with peanuts. Don't get much better than that.

#8 is a large one for sure.

Now that is what I call a calculator. Even the visually impaired would have no trouble seeing the keys on this one and the screen flips up for visibility. Great for my desk.

Jessica knew I liked blue so she had some stuff in the box for color which I liked. The bag of beads will definitely be going to my wife who is currently making bracelets.

The last thing was tied into Fathers Day and this was really special folks. Inside this card was instructions to go over to Amazon and add $10 to my account for purchasing books to go into my Kindle. This one really made me smile.

So my friends that is how my first exposure to a swap with blog friends turned out and I couldn't be more pleased. Make sure you hop over to say hi to Jessica at Duck Duck Cow and have a blessed day.


  1. Wow! You really had an exciting box of goodies to carefully unwrap and appreciate. Clearly Jessica invested a lot of care and thought into her selection and she certainly seems to have made your day in a big way and won herself a life-long admirer! How wonderful...I'm so happy for you, Odie! :)

    I'm off to pay Jessica a visit now ;)

  2. Wow. That is what I call a box full of surprises! Holy moly. Very nice things too. Will stop in and say hi. Enjoy everything!

  3. That's so nice and those shades of blue are striking. Enjoy your gifts, Odie!

  4. that is really nice. blog swap, eh? never heard of it but sounds really fun. i've done swaps before in a group. say... 5 or 6 of us get together and each of us send enough items for each person in the swap to one person (the hostess), along with postage. the hostess then packs up one of everything to send to each participant so we get a variety of things, usually wih a theme but sometimes not but almost always something handmae. it's loads of fun.

  5. It's like Christmas! I think the swapping is a lovely idea.

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  7. Its like Christmas:) Bluer than blue gifts...lovely and this idea is such a great swap:)

  8. A wonderful idea a loved the blue :)

  9. Awesome! Swaps are so much fun. It's nice to feel pampered. You scored big time. Enjoy!

  10. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! :D

  11. These are lovely treasures, Odie. Blue is my favorite color, so I really like them all! Have a happy day and a loveliest of weekends ahead

  12. What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing-

  13. So glad you liked your package! I had a lot of fun shopping for you. And that bag of beads? It's actually a charm but you're is for your wife. :)

  14. Everything looks great Odie! This swap was definitely a lot of fun - thanks for sharing!

  15. wow great idea, and she chose really well :) I was as excited at the unwrapping as you must have been lol

  16. wow, how sweet of her. All those little gifts are so well chosen, i would love to try a colours swap. Nothing better than gifts in the mail!