Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tour of my area

Thought it was about time I showed you want the area is like where we live so Linda and I went out this afternoon and took some pictures. Where we live is actually a cluster of 3 towns. Halifax being the smallest, Weldon next in size and Roanoke Rapids the largest.

Very close to our property is this creek bridge. The creek is narrow but lots of people can be found there fishing.

Rocky anointing the swing set concrete on his rounds about the yard.

We are 2 miles from Interstate 95 and one of the convenience store try to be fancy with this lion out front.

OK the first town is Halifax or as they like to call it (Historic Halifax) where the Halifax Resolve, precursor to the Declaration of Independence was written. They have restored a number of homes from that era.

The old courthouse which is used primarily for voting and county offices.

On the road from Halifax to Weldon

Where the Roanoke River (Rockfish Capital of the world) come through Weldon. Many people like to put in their small boats to play with the rapids.

One guy carrying his to get above the rapids

Unique to Weldon is this underground walkway that comes out on the other side of the street. Never could see why it was necessary but unique to experience.

Downtown Weldon on a Sunday afternoon.

Coming out of Weldon heading for Roanoke Rapids largest of the 3 towns.

Entrance to one of the larger homes in Roanoke Rapids.

One of the newer developments in town

At a park off Roanoke Ave. is this statue of Samuel Patterson, not sure what he did to get this attention.

Decorative clock near the park.

In the park is this covered area where groups are scheduled to perform during the summer concert series.

Covered area and bleacher for towns people to sit.

Many homes in the Roanoke Rapids area are classified as mill house that were built to house employees for the huge textile industry that flourished many years ago. The house on the left is where Linda's daughter's first real boy friend lives. They have both moved on but I thought it was unique when Linda pointed it out who's home it was as I was just taking a random picture.

The big cemetary in Roanoke Rapids.

Some cute ducks taking a break from a decent sized pond we passed by.

Unusual looking thingy at the Dominion Power facility. One of their smaller places as they supply a large area with power.

The Roanoke Rapids Lake recreation area where lots of people go to cool off during the summer.

Playground equipment for the kids at the lake area.

Oh well, I saw this in the lake parking lot and had to take a picture of it.

Down the street in Roanoke Rapids

An old church in Roanoke Rapids with unique architecture.

Ideal Home Medical where Linda is employed.

Getting close to the end of our journey at one of our favorite places on a hot day to get a gift from God.

Of course, Mocha Frappies

The almost famous Roanoke Rapids Theater which started out as the Randy Parton Theater. A big stink happened and Randy left leaving Roanoke Rapids to figure out what to do with this 30 million dollar investment. It is still a heavy burden to the taxpayers of the city. I went there one time to see my heart throb Lori Morgan but haven't been back.

The Hilton Garden Inn was built next to the theater when thoughts were that it would bring people from states away. They are doing a pretty good business even if the theater isn't.
Hope you all have a great week filled with lots of joy, happiness and good health.


  1. What a treat this has been Odie. I love seeing new places and here you have shared 3 for the price of one. The mocha frappes were a lovely interlude in a thoroughly enjoyable outing. Some of the older architecture you showed us is so different from anything we have here. The whole area looks so nice and peaceful. Nice wide roads and lots of lovely public open spaces. Enjoyed your commentary throughout and smiled at Rocky's annointing of the concrete swing post.

  2. You live in a lovely area, Odie, and your Chamber of Commerce will probably want to employ you when they find out what a good job you do in promoting the three towns. Great historical places, too!

  3. Lovely towns - love the old homes and the amount of water nearby. Would love to kayak with the folks out on the water! Thanks for sharing.

    Carolina Mts

  4. Thanks for the tri-city tour, Odie! Tell Rocky that I could sure use some of his liquid sunshine on my lawn. Can I borrow him for a day or two? (LOL) I think I already told you that I stayed at a motel in Roanoke Rapids a few years ago during a trip from Florida to Penna. I hope you had a Happy Father's Day, good buddy!

  5. What a great place to live! You were a great tour director and I think it is a really pretty part of the State!
    Happy Father's Day!

  6. Hi Odie. Wow, you were busy with your camera there! Lovely photos to share with us. I loved the homes in Halifax and I really like those bandstands in the park, where the bands play. The lake was great. You live in a beautiful area and I really enjoyed the trip today and seeing the area where you live. Thank you my friend!

  7. Nice walk! But so many lions! Why is that?

  8. Thank you for sharing the glimpse of you and linda world:) lovely photos...I guess you are in a pretty part of the state:)

    I love the old homes and good thing McDonald is available my fave:)

  9. Thanks for the tour! Very cool. :)

  10. Loved your photos and loved the tour. I may have to come visit and do a blog post:-)
    Thanks Odie!

  11. Nice pictures Odie. I wish there was a creek near my place too. =)

  12. Thank you for expanding my world view of beautiful NC! I'm now going to have to visit Roanoke Rapids. Do they allow swimming at that lake? We are not allowed to swim at our lakes here in Greensboro. I hope you have a great week:)

  13. I love seeing new towns and places. Downtown Weldon is very pretty! The different houses are interesting too. Too bad about the theater not making money. Your part of the country is so picturesque and has an interesting history.

  14. What a lovely town. The architecture is amazing! So glad you took me on this lovely virtual tour on such a beautiful sunny day!

    Thanks for voting for me at BHG. Can you tell I am just a bit excited!

    Best wishes for a great week!

  15. I went to Halifax last year on a cruise along the coast. I loved it. Very serene and picturesque. Have a wonderful day!