Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A very special thanks to my friend Katie Corrigan for designing the new header for my blog.  That was such a sweet thing to do. 

Lunch time today was awesome as it was "Grandparents Day" the school my 2 grandsons attend and I was invited to have lunch with them.  Kaden who is just above this and Matt is above him.  I had lunch with Kaden first and as we were finishing up Matt's class arrived.  It was such fun catching up with both of them and listening to them talk a mile a minute.  They both enjoyed seeing pictures of my Rocky and before I could leave Matt I had to show each one in his class Rocky's picture, fortunately they were still in a line outside the classroom door making it easy to just walk down the line.  I also understand from Matt that Allison has 2 little teeth coming in. Can't wait to see for myself. 

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