Thursday, September 22, 2016

Those were the days

Yes friends growing up in my father's country store outside of Nashville, NC back in the early 50's it was a different world for sure. Helping in the store I handed full sized Pepsi's over the counter for 5 cents and had to sort drink bottles in crates that were full of empty bottles being sent back to the plant to be refilled and sold again.

Dad also had this large clear container with a metal lid filled with Jacks Cookies that were 2 or a penny. One of most popular items in the store at that time except for the full sized candy bars that sold for a nickle.

Another of the more popular treats was of course the hoop cheese.  You could come into the store and get a slice of hoop cheese, a honey bun and a Pepsi and get change back out of a dollar. Yes folks those were truly the days when you really got something for your hard earned money.  I miss those days so very much but they are still alive in my memory.

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