Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This post is about items that you may not be aware of but exceed the benefits of older items you may be using. This is the kuhn Rikon can open/lid lifter/ring tab/soda top opener & bottle cap opener. 
Your standard can opener that have been around since I was a child actually has a cutter that enters the top of the can touching food contaminating it with previous ingredients that may be on the blade. The one pictured above is so different in that it locks on the top as you turn the handle and spins the can around until you feel the tension lessen then you turn the handle in the opposite direction releasing the opener. It looks like nothing has happened. You will find a part on the side called the "bird beak" that you place on the top edge of the can and push the button that closes the bird beak and lift up. The top of the can comes off easily and you will notice there are "NO" sharp edges unlike the old variety that is very sharp. Once lifted off the can you can hold over the trash can and release the bird beak and it falls in to the trash. Even the top of the can where it came away from is not sharp either.  Get one and you will never want to see the old style can opener again. QVC has this item with an item #of K18779

Scrub Daddy is an amazing product invented to not scratch anything, never takes on odors and designed to work two ways.  The eyes can be used to insert your fingers when wanting to go inside something you are washing and the mouth works to accept forks, spoons etc when washing to get them cleaned quickly.  Warm they are very soft easily handles regular cleanup jobs. Put them in cold water and they become hard but still scratch proof to handle the tough jobs so easily.  Try them once and you will never be without them. It is also one of the most money making items to ever hit Shark Tank. This can also be found at QVC as item #V34099

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