Sunday, September 18, 2016

Has been quite a while since my last post and so much has happened in this old man's life.  It does feel good to be back in Nash County again even if it is in Rocky Mount.  The house I am living in is way larger than I actually need for me and my Rocky boy but it meets our needs. 

One big change, about 4 years ago I was hired by Advantage Sales and Marketing when they took on the then 7,000 Walgreen stores and gave me 7 to look after. Just recently they lost Walgreens and now I have a month with nearly nothing to do meaning few deposits. I have a new supervisor who promises he will try to keep me busy so time will tell about all that. 

I am not a hot weather person and I will be so glad when the daily temperatures are in the 50's and 60's instead of the high 80's.  It was a rough time when as work got slow and I tried a new job at our local Harris Teeter as a bagger. Working with the other employees and customers was fun but having to get carts in from the parking lot when temps were near 100 was just not for this almost 70 year old man so that job was short lived. I learned a valuable lesson while there for sure.

One thing that I has overjoyed about at the moment is the condition of my sister Linda and her husband Dennis. They both encountered horrible medical difficulties during the past many months but are both doing awesome now thank God. 

Another of the joys of this man's old life is my step daughter Beth whose picture was on the last post I did many months ago. She is a senior at NC State University due to graduate in March and will then begin her 2 year masters program in counseling and student development. She is now an ambassador who will be interviewing and training new employees on her campus. I will be excited to follow her progress as her working life begins hopefully on a college campus helping students as they encounter challenges that she can help them through. 

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