Saturday, February 18, 2012

Missing the school bus

If you remember from posts of old I had this shell of a school bus in the woods when I was an early teen and it became my refuge where I could go to think, find peace and solitude or just be there because I liked being there.

When I first found it the bus was as I said a shell meaning it was missing the floor, wheels and cab area. Kind of an upside down "U" sitting on the ground with weeds blocking the opening. I cleared away the growth and the inside area was relatively clean and free of vegetation.

I had found a white 5 gal. bucket that turned upside down made a very good seat to be comfortable while I spent time thinking and enjoying my freedom and refuge. It gave me shelter from the rain and the sound of the rain drops on the roof was a soothing sound.

As I end my 7 years with Quality Office Equipment, Inc and enter a new realm of my life the days have become less than enjoyable during the transition. Some of my duties have been given to others so that parts of my job can be divided among various employees. So far a replacement for my position as service manager has not been hired and may not by the time I spend my last day there. I have been active doing tutorials for all the areas of my responsibility and hopefully it will be helpful to whoever comes in to look after the service department and the 5 technicians who keep the wheels turning. 

I said all that to say that I am a doer and not being in control of my time lately has not been an easy time for Odie. The idea of the "school bus" beckons to me yet I do not have that favored place to escape to and find myself wanting to speed up the clock and be done with this career in office machines.

As I type this my employer has more than one entity wanting to write him a huge check and put all this behind him as well. In the years since 1994 when he and another technician decided to start their own little business with no money and personal vehicles it has grown to a company that covers all of eastern NC and now has their major supplier wanting them to be a full line dealer selling the largest copiers available. I wish him and them all the best as decisions are made and families affected.

That bus was an important part of Odie's life over 50 years ago and at least it still exists in my mind. 


  1. Some people go to a beach in their minds as a way to escape the daily pressures and hassles. You go to your school bus. The benefits are the same. I often imagine that I'm back in one of the trees that I used to climb as a boy. I sat on high branches for hours at a time doing what you did, thinking and enjoying the peace and quiet. It was therapeutic. I hope the next chapter of your life is a happy one, Odie.

  2. I remember you talking about that old bus and I think about it often. (wishing my kids had something like that in their childhood) I pray your transition goes smoothly and quickly. I know the change will be hard, change usually is. It is where God is leading you right now. That is something to be thankful for.

  3. I was like Shady, I had some favorite trees to go to. We moved often, so I had to find a spot at each new home that I liked to go to be alone and think.

  4. I hit publish before I meant to. Odie, I think you will like retirement life. You just have to try new things and have something in your life you have passion for. It may take time to find that passion so look around and try things on and see how they fit.

  5. I remember your school bus stories. I like that it is your "happy place" Sending Hugs my friend!

  6. Just try to remember to stop and breathe sometimes during this period of change and don't be afraid to imagine yourself back on that bus in your happy place.

    Hugs for you my friend

  7. Dear Odie, the imagery you shared about the bus is very beautiful. Solitude is important for all people during all ages and stages of life. I would have loved to have a bus in the woods. I used to make blanket tents on my mother's clothesline in the summer. In the winter, when it was freezing and feet of snow kept everyone inside, I would be outside on those cold gray days and starlit nights, just to take in that feeling of solitude. You could write a series of stories about that bus and your life growing up. I think a lot of people would connect with your memories.

  8. Dear Odie,

    What a wonderful post. I am an infrequent visitor, but I am glad I passed by your blog just at this time. I am guessing you are retiring. Things are a-changing for sure.

    All big changes cause us to pause whether we know it or not. I have experienced my own change - mom who lived with me for 5 years is now in an assisted living home. My life has been returned to me (figuratively), but that change has left me thinking more and not always focused on the next task to be done, more quiet and in some ways less productive (not my style at all). I know that this is a transition for me - I think I need a school bus - (smile). But I also know that I will settle out eventually to a new way of being. Just don't know what that will be just yet. (hence the needs for time and space and solitude to think).

    Best of luck to you. I'll be back.