Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monday's Coming

  Sunday afternoon and it has been a peaceful weekend with not too much going on except some much needed rain.  It was 42 around lunch time and damp so it really felt cold and unfriendly.

  Lately Linda & I have been thinking about things we haven't seen for a lot of years. One of them is "Georgia Hash". I used to stock my dad's shelves in his store with cans of Georgia Hash and ate my share as well. For any of you that are familiar with Brunswick Stew which is a southern staple, Georgia Hash is very similar. We paid close attention when we were in the grocery store the last few days and did not see any and wonder if it still exists. Guess I should have Googled it prior to writing this.

  Another item was tall glass Pepsi Cola bottles. We did see some of them in a store Friday and didn't look at the price but it must have been about a dollar or even more. I can still remember handing them over the counter at my dad's store for a nickle.

   Coca Cola in small glass bottles were very popular when I was a child. It was just enough for some of dad's customers to wash down a BC or Goody headache powder in the morning. Seemed they could not get their day started without that dose of miracle meds.

  As the title of the post says, Monday's Coming and it should be interesting for me as my boss should know by now that I have decided to refuse his last offer to stay employed and will be officially retiring as soon as possible after March 1st. He tempted me with the thought of a vehicle and gas paid but I really need to get this hour commute on the interstate off my daily schedule. Much of that is done when it is dark and that just adds to the frustration since I don't seem to see as well at night and if it is raining I have trouble seeing the line that divides the lanes. Yes it is time to stay closer to home.

  Once I got that thick bandage off my hand yesterday I am able to type with no difficulty. I just have to be careful about lifting heavy objects or pushing doors or things with that hand. I can already tell that what they did has taken the problem away so life should be a lot better from here on out. Well my friends it has been a rambling afternoon post but I felt like talking to you a while. Hope your weekend has been a good one and hope the coming week will be a great one.  The boss will be paying for all of us along with our at home family to travel to Wilmington, NC Friday, getting off work around lunch time and staying at a nice hotel friday and saturday night and a couple of meals with all attending. Should be an interesting weekend and I promise to take pictures. 


  1. When you begin to think "I don't wanna be here" it's time to get out!
    Our weekend has been quiet, after a fall over my feet week. I can cope with BIG things - generally they come alone. It's the "something" every day - even the minor things - that seem to come in several days running together!!!
    Monday will bring a dropping off at college for Peter, going to the nurse to get bloods done and a pile of ironing!!!

  2. I am glad that the surgery appears to be making things easier for you...always a good thing...
    It has been a quiet one here as well....the superbowl is tonight and whilst I should be more into it because the Pats are playing I may find a good book and a long hot bath just my speed....hugs to you my friend..

  3. You've got 42 and I've got 82, Odie. I'd like to trade weather with you because it's bone dry down here, too, and that increases the spring brush fire danger. I remember those little bottles of coke. All soda pop came in bottles when we were kids. I loved Grapette, cream soda and Nehi orange soda. I don't blame you for wanting to downshift. Long commutes are for the birds and very dangerous. Take care of that hand and have a terrific week, good buddy!

  4. Well congratulations, Odie! You made a good decision. I hope your retirement is happy, fulfilling, and prosperous. Also hope your hand/ wrist is on the mend.

  5. The glass soda bottles made me smile. When I was really little (under 5), we lived next door to a tire store/garage. My brother worked there part time. Mom would send me over there with a huge wicker basket and some quarters (.25 a bottle) and I would get soda for each of us for dinner. I could barely carry the soda home but my brother and his co-workers always were so happy to see me. Thanks for making me think of that happy time! Hugs to you both.

  6. I'm excited for you to retire, good for you!!
    So glad you are feeling good and that hand is doing what it's supposed to.

    Love your coke story!

    Have a great Monday!!
    Your weekend sounds great!

  7. I'm happy for you too, Odie. It will be so nice for you to get up in the morning and the day will be free to do what you want. An hour drive to work is no fun, that's for sure. I have a little trouble driving at night unless the road is well lit. Luckily, they all are around where I live.

    Popsicles are what I remember from my childhood. My parents didn't buy pop until we were way older. I loved it when the ice-cream truck would drive down our street. That's when I would get a huge popsicle.

  8. I am so glad you felt like chatting, Odie. To me, the good news is hearing about your decision to retire. I know you have felt frustrated with the way things have been at the office for some time and that lengthy, stressful commute each day just adds to the feeling. I hope your final few weeks pass quickly and without incident. I look forward to hearing your plans for retirement. Maybe you'll be able to really concentrate on your passion for cooking? It's also good to hear your hand has responded well to the surgery. Hopefully it will heal rapidly. Your weekend away should be fun. So pleased to know Linda can join you, all expenses paid. Travel safely and have a good week. Big hug xoxo

  9. congrats, Odie!
    you're happy, right....

  10. Hi Odie...enjoy your weekend in Wilmington...I hope the weather is great! Hoping your hand is healing and you and Linda are enjoying the week! Oh and there's a restaurant on the river we love...but I can't remember the name. If I do I'll fill you in but it looks like a little house and looks over the river on the riverwalk.


  11. Congratulations Odie! I know you are going to enjoy the next adventures of your life. Wilmington sounds fun, and if it were just a little warmer I would be pining for a beach trip! I heard we are going to have a 20 degree day soon! Take care and may God speed up the healing on your wrist.