Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Randomness

Recent shot of Soffie checking out the groceries. See she has filled out a lot from the first shot I took of her.

The area where I took the shot of the reflective trees also had this calm but pretty waterfall.

Also at the pond was this simple pedestrian bridge over a ditch

At the State Employees Credit Union in Murfreesboro, NC where I delivered a shredder had a display of bird houses for sale.

I may have shown this before but it is one of the interesting things in this part of the state where I live. An underground walkway that literally goes under Hwy 301 in Weldon, NC and comes out on the other side. 

It is near a recreational area with lots of playground equipment for children so I'm sure it has been used many times.


  1. I love seeing how Soffie has flourished. What a terrific story. And, your pics are really neat- thanks for taking the time to share-

  2. I'm always happy when you post an update on Soffie. I'm so glad the pooch is doing well. I often wonder how Polly's doing. Thanks, Odie!

  3. Sofie looks like she's getting lots of love and attention! That's awesome. Love the picture. My favorite one is the waterfall! Can just hear it now! Hugs to you and Linda!!

  4. Soffie looks well and happy. I'm glad. My favorite shot is the footbridge. Have a happy Sunday, Odie.

  5. Those bird houses look pretty cool and I love the little waterfall

  6. The bird houses look great. That underground tunnel does not, LOL. I came by today to express my sincere gratitude for your thoughtful postcard and of course for your continued friendship. I appreciate you so much. Hugs for you and Linda too xo