Friday, November 12, 2010

Memories of a secret place

Let me take you back in time about 50 years to a time when Odie had daily adventures. Look at the school bus and imagine seeing it without wheels or the front portion sitting on the ground.

On one of my many journeys into the wilderness of the woods behind our home I was trailblazing with my hickory stick helping me clear a path through the growth and ahead I saw the figure of the bus. No telling how long it had been there. I cleared away any vegetation from the opening and went inside to find it really free of trash or anything. What a find. Now I had a place I could go to sit and think about whatever went through my young mind.

I had a white, 5 gal. bucket that I turned upside down and used as a seat and made many trips to my secret place. On rainy days I especially loved being in there out of the rain listening to the drops hitting on the roof and feeling such peace.

Today with all the nice things we have I think back to a time when a discarded old school bus body made a young guy feel so very good. I miss that bus.


  1. sounds really cool!
    I love hearing about childhood experiences.

  2. What a great memory to have. I think its fantastic that you had a special place to go to as a child.

  3. Oh, that does sound fun!! I love good ol' outside adventures!

    Thanks for the memory

  4. Looks like we both had a school bus in our pasts. Loved it!

    In case you're interested here's the story of mine.

  5. It's great to have a special "place" to go and ponder. Too bad we seem to lose them as adults...

  6. I still find odd places like that in my life, Odie!! And if I don't find 'em- I create them!!! I'll never let my inner child grow up. EVER! ;-)

  7. I too have memories in a school family actually lived in an abandoned school bus for almost a year, it was not fun, it was quite humilitating as a school age girl. I'm glad to think that someone to could find it a place of solace! Nice story!